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Making Appointments

Posted by on April 26, 2010

We made it back to Canonsburg, PA last week and there is only one campground in a thirty mile radius. Unfortunately there is a two page waiting list at the local KOA for a month’s stay. So we’re bedding down with Chris and Jay, our wonderful friends, just up the street from our previous stix and brix abode. To catch you up on the latest, our first appointment was to the dentist. Now get this. Our dentist’s name is Bob Evans, a peach of a guy. But when I walk into the office I always announce that here we are, with Bob Evan, down on the farm. He doesn’t find it whimsical as he never cracks a smile at that. I just don’t get it but nonetheless, we came out of there unscathed, with a cleaning and sans cavities. The next day it was off to the hospital for an annual CT scan on my neck and throat, checking for any signs of recurring cancer. For the time being the weather cooperated so daily walks were possible. Robin even got to do a little fishing with some of her new friends she met along the way. While awaiting those results, Ryan bought us two tickets to fly to Philly to celebrate Robin’s birthday which was on Friday. At noon that day we were sitting on the tarmac, stuck in no man’s land as the airport closed suddenly due to a severe storm. The forty-five minute wait proved positive as a cell phone call notified me the CT scan was negative. The weekend was wonderful. Ryan and Carolyn took us to a house party, wine tasting event where we met some wonderful new people. On Saturday Ryan surprised us again by flying Erin up from NC, and as we sat watching TV, in she walks with that effervescent smile, making mom cry. On Sunday, we were guests at Pat and Jim’s, Carolyn’s parents and they always make us feel so at home. It was great to see them again as we chatted about the kids’ new possession; Sadie, the beagle puppy. On Sunday evening, our friends at Southwest flew us back to the bleak skies of western PA, as Monday is a scheduled appointment with my cancer surgeon.

3 Responses to Making Appointments

  1. Donna

    Happy Belated birthday to Robin!! We will be leaving Florida on Saturday and will be back home Sunday or Monday so we are looking forward to seeing you both!And a negative CT scan is the best news ever

  2. Chuck

    Congratulations on the negative CT scan. I know how good that feels, as I have had eight years of negative annual checks for my cancer.

  3. Debbie

    Great to have you both home, and greater still to get the best news on your CT! Hoping to have many visits during the next month before your wanderlust takes you east again! Love you both to the moon!

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