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$6 Million Dollar Man

Posted by on March 1, 2010

In case you just tuned in, we started a five week stint working for the California Angels during spring training, which is known as the Cactus League here in Arizona. We’re in the food business again as Robin is a “stand lead” and  I’m working as a deck supervisor. She is in charge of nine cashiers, three runners and four cooks in Stand #3 which apparently is the busiest in the park. I don’t know exactly the reasoning for this but perhaps it sits between home plate and third base may account for this. As for me, my job is to saunter the deck, seeing that all stands are operating as efficient as possible, radioing for any product they may need and making sure inventory is up to par so there exists no lag time. Right up my alley….. bossing people once more. For the past few days we have been preparing the left field terrace for the onslaught of patrons ready to down suds, pizzas, dogs, and more suds. There’s a lot more preparation that goes into this that I previously expected although the work has been fun and the people we work for are laid back and have made the job enjoyable to date. There are 74 workers that will provide food and spirits to the onslaught of fans and paparazzi for the next five weeks. Practically all of them are workampers from everywhere USA and along with meeting new acquaintances we are learning a lot more about this world of workamping from these that have done it for years. The last couple we just met is in their sixteenth year on the road. And speaking of paparazzi, the recent acquisition of Hideki Matsui from the NY Yankees has produced more media than there are cacti in the desert. It is uncanny to watch them photograph every move, smile and gesture that he makes. But then again a man making $6 million for the next year is big news anywhere, along with the fact that he was the MVP of the fall classic this past October.

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  1. Debbie

    Sounds like a busy job to me, hope it is more FUN than WORK…….is that cute blonde standing there my sister? Hope you’re having a great time! Happy Trails Gypsy Larry……

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