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Station Wagon Stuff

Posted by on February 2, 2010

I met some new people today in the parking lot of Old Tuscon Studios. More about that visit in an upcoming post. They were tailgating out of the back of their sedan station wagon. I hadn’t seen one of these in years. You know what I’m talking about. The ones with the flanks that appear to have wooden sides. The even put some grainy effect into the fiberglass. Like a Woody. I digress enough. They invited us over for a sample. They were vegans. They looked like you and me. But I didn’t recognize the food. It looked like a conglomeration of  herbs and whipped garbonza beans. And then I got to wonder. Do vegetarians eat animal crackers? s-animal-crackers

4 Responses to Station Wagon Stuff

  1. Bonnie

    Hope your birthday is wonderful!! Miss you!!

  2. Michael Lockridge

    We had one of those Detroit Battleships. A friend wanted us to replace the imitation wood grain siding with z-brick. Z-brick was a thin ceramic glue-on fake brick available for decorating homes. He thought it would be funny to see us “coming down the road like a ton of bricks.”

    If I had more money at that time, I might have done it. Then again, if I had money at that time I would have purchased a nicer car.


  3. Erin

    I guess that is one of those questions like “If Helen Keller were in the woods and fell, would she make a sound?”

  4. Debbie

    Good one, Erin……….

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