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3:10 to Yuma

Posted by on February 20, 2010

I thought it was just the start of another laundry day, but while I was loading the washers I received a call from Tom and Deana inviting us down to Yuma. The talk was of making a trip across the border into Mexico. Los Algodones to be exact. So after finishing the folding of the clothes, I told Robin to get ready and Brutus that we’d be making another road trip. It wasn’t as far as I thought making the trip in a little over two hours and fifteen minutes. It was great to see our old friends. Tom gave us the dime tour of the campground and it was off to Walmart to procure some snacks and treats, as a party was planned later that evening with more old friends. As the girls were getting ready, I spotted a road runner weaving his way in and out of campsites. I quickly grabbed my Canon and finally snagged a shot of those elusive little creatures. Upon arriving at Wallyworld we marveled at the Olympic display of soda pop cartons. It doesn’t take much to occupy little minds, I guess? After treating us to a great lunch Tom decided to show us around Yuma. I have never seen so many RV parks and campgrounds in a cluster like this in my life. I exaggerate not when I tell you there is a park, and a large one at that, almost every half mile. And each and every one of them is filled. I wondered what the draw was, as almost all the businesses cater to the RVer. In fact, without the RVs you would wonder if the town might even exist. Tom told me the draw was nothing more than the weather. People come for the sun and the high temperatures in the winter. Once Aprils rolls around the parks pretty much empty themselves of snowbirds.  Coming back to their site I mentioned that I was desirous of a haircut. Not because I needed one, but I just wanted a different look, something drastic. It wasn’t long before Deana came out with her clippers and a plastic wrap to catch my clippings. She used a #2 which I didn’t think made it short enough, but Robin countered with the fact that she wasn’t going to sleep with me anymore if the egg went totally bald and shaved. Being that my libido is not yet dead, I opted not to go the skinned route.  Time now to leave  Tom and Deana to check into our motel, shower and change, only to return an hour later. By the time we had arrived Neoma and Gary drove in from the desert outside of Yuma where they’ve been boondocking for some time. Soon came Nancy and Daryl and we reminisced about our recent past. The connection here was that all four couple had work stints this past summer in Medora, ND. Nancy and Neoma had worked retail in town, Tom and Deana owned the Elkhorn Cafe, and Gary and Daryl worked in maintenance. You already know that Robin and I put our time in on the golf course. But we all inhabited the Medora Campground and this is where the friendships began. It was great to see these folks again. We munched on goodies as we shared stories about where we’ve been and caight up on old times. The laughs went into the wee hours before we broke up and headed for our hotel to get some rest for our trek into Mexico. I have no photos of the day trip into Los Algodones. Neoma cautioned me about not taking a camera. Stories of confiscation, apprehension by the local police, and even jail time for those caught with cameras were told. I didn’t understand why as I had seen photos of this place on other blogs. Nevertheless, it wasn’t worth the effort to share some photos at the behest of facing the federales. Our purchases weren’t many. Mexican vanilla, a few packages of legal drugs and some roasted nuts were the extent of our purchases. The eye candy was amazing and the goods for sale were more than I had ever seen before but  I knew if we bought something that I’d be selling it at some others’ flea market in about six months. Coming back to Goodyear we were surprised by a call that led to another move. More about that in the next post. Erin is coming for a visit and we have to get to the airport.

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    I received an award for my blog. A silly thing, really, but a way to commend and promote other blogs and bloggers. I have awarded the prize to you, in the spirit of “pass it on.”

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