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I almost made it.

Posted by on January 2, 2010

New Years Eve was not as quiet as I had planned. Our French Canadian neighbors pulled out a portable keyboard, hit the Zydeco presets and serenaded the block with songs of yesteryear. The tunes went on well into the evening and we just enjoyed each other without company for a change of pace.  Phone calls to family and friends wishing them all success and happiness for twenty-ten, capped off the evening. The new year started with rain, and it didn’t end for most of the day. This was going to be a first for me. Sitting inside and not leaving our site. I don’t know if I’ve done that for months, being able to stay put the entire day. As the precip attacked the rooftop we watched parades, bowl games, and more bowl games. Reggie BUSH By early in the evening, however, I began to get that gypsy itch. I contemplated more computer time but my eyes were bulging. My love of football had waned after four games. I almost made it but I couldn’t take it any longer. Robin was completely content to sit at home but I had to jump in the truck and make the five mile trip down Brandon Boulevard to visit the local Barnes and Noble. A coffee accompanied a few books and photography magazines. After about an hour and a half I had had my fix. I thought for once I could just sit and read, putter, and watch TV all day long. But I  guess I just can’t do it.  Back to the rig, I found Robin had done a blitz on the inside and cleaned everything and put all in its place. I see I have to take more mini road trips like this. We finished the evening off with Tebow and the Gators demolishing Cincinnati. I missed my friends and family, especially on this new day, but after watching the Weather channel showing havoc wreaked upon the Mid Atlantic area, that feeling soon waned.

2 Responses to I almost made it.

  1. Debbie

    Ending the New Year, I’m usually content to stay home, with Jim usually at work, but, this year, we spent it with friends playing Keno…….we did have a good time, but, old habits die hard……..and as we settle back in at home with the dog, we took our respective recliners, and fell into our traditional sleep!
    New Years day, was lazy, as we are not the football watchers, just putsying and channel surfing, and enjoying the annual port and sauerkraut for luck and fortune………hoping this next decade will bring us health and the good fortune to enjoy our family and friends. Happy New Year Gypsy Larry and Robin~

  2. larry

    You enjoyed it in a way you wanted. Spending time with friends is priceless. Thank you for the wishes and hoping your year is both successful and healthy. You’re the best, Deb.

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