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Fredericksburg, Texas

Posted by on January 28, 2010

We decided to stay another day in Kerrville as we had to await some mail to be overnighted to us from Erin. The sun was shining again and I the forecast for the ensuing days didn’t look good. Time to ride again. We had heard so much about Fredericksburg, TX and the draw it had. So we grabbed the cameras again, donned the leather and did the tourist thing one more time. This time we took the chaps off when we arrived so we wouldn’t stick out like sore thumbs. We window shopped, and caroused around, wishing we were rich after seeing the price tags on most things. I got stopped by a cop on a bicycle and reprimanded for jay walking. He wanted to give me a ticket but I played the dumb tourist role on him, but it worked. We looked at so many things. Things that we used to possess, in our home and shop for every weekend, filling the house the chotchkies, bric a brac and thinking how nice that was, and how little we miss all that now. Now the quest is to see, to experience, and to chat with new acquaintances, learning their life and where their shoes have walked. That’s the best thing about this new life, seeing things I’ll probably never see again and meeting some interesting characters. Here in the Hill Country I met the wife of the late Ralph Heywood. Ralph was a great punter and also played defense with the Detroit Lions. He is the only NFL player to serve in three wars. He sadly passed from a brain tumor five years ago and his wife Suzie had teamed up with Mrs. John Unitas and Mrs. John Mackey, both retired from the old Baltimore Colts, to press for compensation for brain injured retirees. I spent about and hour and a half with her finding her fascinating story of growing up in Bandera and leading the trail ride as consultant from here in Texas to Nebraska. What an interesting woman.
So I digress and back to my story. Fredricksburg was all they said it was. I sampled the best barbecue brisket sandwich in my life. As it started to cool and the sun was waning we decided it would be time to head back before the evening chill came upon us. Another good day to ride, tie the bike down and ready the vehicles for hitting the road tomorrow. We’ll attempt to make it to Fort Stockton if all goes well. Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow.

2 Responses to Fredericksburg, Texas

  1. Michael Lockridge

    Fredericksburg was one of our more interesting stops on our journey from San Antonio to Santa Cruz, Ca. Texas wasn’t working well for the kids and grandkids, so we moved them back. Fredericksburg was just a protracted potty and photo stop. If I pass that way again I hope to put in a little more time.

    My wife is still fond of stuff and stick houses, so that may be a while. \:-/

  2. larry

    Micheal. You’re spot on about Fredericksburg. Nice town but way too pricey for my tastes. And that stuff. There are days that I miss it but it get further and few between. It’s the eye candy that appeals to the visual person so I replace my stuff with new venues for photos, but I understand here clutching on to those things. It’s what works for each of us in our own way.

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