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Cruising the Gulf

Posted by on January 17, 2010

fencingThe weather cooperated a little more this afternoon and it seemed a good day for some bicycle riding. Greg and Cher has expressed some interest in going with us but Cher had an accident earlier this morning. Dressed in her fluffy pink slippers and matching housecoat she exited their RV for her morning smoke. However, she tripped on the exit steps, spewing coffee all over their Honda and lay calling for Greg that “she couldn’t get up.” This all sounds funny and I wished I had been there to photograph this escapade but you could tell she was one hurting woman. We’d all get together later for a game of ‘ziltch’, meanwhile Robin and I headed for the causeway. The road was bare, dotted only with intermittent Harleys and cars, a lone skater and we just lazily enjoyed cruising along the Gulf. Riding behind her, I kept trying to get a shot of Robin in the distance ahead. But I kept focusing on my handlebars instead of her as I didn’t want to stop the pedaling. So here’s the best I could do at the moment. riding-the-beachI kept hollering ahead, asking her if she was ready to turn back, knowing that our route was a bit down hill and the wind at our backs, but she just kept on pedaling. After an hour our I suggested we should do an about face as it would take much longer to return than the hour out. Disgruntled, she agreed. And then she realized my insistence. The trip back was a long haul. The wind was in our face at about 15 miles per hour but the return was a long slow grade steadily uphill. It took more than a hour and  a half to return to the truck and by this time, the daylight was beginning to leave us. We rolled back to our site about 5;30, act a quick supper, showered and headed over to the neighbors for that game of ziltch. We did play one game but soon the conversation grew to each of our inevitable foibles of past road trips. Along with the imbibing of the grapes it led to an evening of laughter and poking fun of each other. And then came the rains. It was ten by this time and we headed back to our rig for some late night TV and an end to another glorious day of just living.

One Response to Cruising the Gulf

  1. Debbie

    The causeway, white sands, wind at your backs, sounds like a great day of ………..just living………life is good……enjoy………

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