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Calling all English teachers

Posted by on January 24, 2010

badspellingI’m somewhat of a quirky person. Things bother me that should be of no concern or consequence. Using words out of context, mispronunciation of others, or the big one —  incorrect spelling, especially in commercially advertised postings. I snapped this shot almost a month ago down in Ocala. I just ran across it today in my archives. I’ve heard of taking Christ out of Christmas, but this one takes the cake. You’d think that the owner would perhaps have looked at the sign before it went up. But then again, perhaps it was just a ploy to draw in customers by getting one’s attention.

One Response to Calling all English teachers

  1. debbie

    You can take the Educator out of the system, but, not the education out of the Educator…….does that make sense……I’m on narkotiks…

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