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Brutus vs. Bluto (Ft. Stockton,TX)

Posted by on January 29, 2010

Hey out there. Brutus here once again. I know I don’t get to post much. Larry hogs the computer every night. And don’t be confused if I interchange the name Larry and Dad. I can only use the latter term with you, when he’s not around. He says he is “not my dad”. So get this. Here we were in this great park in the Hill Country of Texas. I was having the time of my life. There  was so much room to run, so much to sniff, I could cock my leg thousands of places. And all of this right next to the river. So just when I think we’re staying for a bit I hear Dad say, “the mail has come, we can leave now”. And just like that they plop me in the truck with Mom and we follow the gypsy bus down the highway again. If you read his blog, you’re thinking everything is utopian and all days are full of bliss. Well it ain’t so bro! First of all, West Texas is no picnic. After several hours of boredom on the road we pull into a town called Fort Stockton. I’m getting a little antsy by this time.  Dusk is coming on us. And by the looks of things, this is no mecca for entertainment. We head down the road to what I think is going to be our normal campground. My oh my. Say it ain’t so, Joe. ftSo now you see. Not the greener pastures that he has you believe we live in all the time. This was a gravel parking lot., dotted with an array of the aluminum cans serving as home to many. By the looks of things I didn’t think I should wander too far. But here’s the biggie. Dad overspent his budget and the money ran out before the month did. He always gets paid the last day of the month. So here we are in need of diesel fuel and he’s out of money. I’m fearing the worst. Staying here for more than a night waiting for the check. And that’s what it looks like. In the morning I think I’ll venture out and look around. Oh, shit. There’s a damn pit bull pit-bulllicking his chop over the fence. He growls at me and my little butt is back in the bus in no time. This dude is ferocious. It only gets worse, gang. It starts to rain cats and dogs, and soon the parking lot is pooling just about everywhere. So we sit, Mom reading her Kindle and Dad on his computer. I want to watch Murray decide if you “are indeed the father”, but noooo. No TV for this guy. I decide to go outside as I need to walk a bit and get my head cleared. Sometimes my mom and dad just drive me crazy with their change of minds. They just vacillate from one thing to another. I know they step to a different drum than most, but someday their drum isn’t even in the band at all. So Bluto the Pit Bull starts to snarl at me as I take my walk. I just act like he’s not there and that just drives him crazy. I’ll show him what it’s like to be free to cock your leg anywhere.ignoring-bluto It seems like an eternity until the next day. Dad gets on the computer again and finds his monthly check has been deposited early due to work week ending before the month is out.  Yippee!!! We can buy fuel and get on the way. And soon that’s exactly what happens. But there’s a catch here that I didn’t realize. There’s more of West Texas to come. I think be careful what you wish for. There is absolutely nothing for me to look at but barren ground that goes on for hours. No squirrels, no other dogs, no sign of life but other travelers on the interstate. What have they done to me. We’re heading for New Mexico. I sure hope the scenery is much better than the past few days. Get back to you again. Soon, I hope.

9 Responses to Brutus vs. Bluto (Ft. Stockton,TX)

  1. Chuck

    Trapped in the worst part of west Texas-not good. Only place worst in the area is Ozona. Good Luck!

  2. larry

    Thanks for the wishes Chuck. I got a good look at Ozona as we passed by on 10. It saddened me to see the degree of poverty when there is so much wealth that could be shared. I almost felt guilty of being successful.


    Hey Brutus, I thought I was gonna get a tall tail here, did the squirrel win? You’re lookin good Brutus, glad you’re feeling better…….scratches and pats on the head to you………keep on wagging ; )


    Sorry Brutus, my server is contrary today, but, finaly a story that made me laugh with joy…… cousin Nicky is wondering what the heck is so funny, he isn’t a fan of the laptop, neither is his dad………You sure let Bluto know who’s the man……good for you…….you are “Mighty Brutus”…… really put him in his place…heck, he can’t even grow facial hair…..and I’ll bet he has no personality! Happy Trails little Brutie, love you to the moon!

  5. Danielle Coghlan

    Hi Larry!

    I got your website link from your Facebook page. I love the website & now I can see where you, Robin & Brutus have been traveling. My favorite are the posts from Brutus; now I can know what he’s thinking. ;o) Happy traveling!

    Danielle Coghlan (formerly known as Humiston)

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