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An Unexpected Departure

Posted by on January 20, 2010

Sunrise on Tuesday prior to leaving.

Sunrise on Tuesday prior to leaving.

First things first. I’ve received many an email asking about the condition of Brutus. I mentioned he had a vet visit and never posted the outcome. Brutus if fine. He was put on some steroids and has rebounded admirably. All the itching is gone and he’s back in full swing. This was the third vet that said “northern dogs” often get allergies to things in the South that don’t die out due to the warm weather. But he has adjusted just fine.
We’ve been spending the last couple of days just hanging out with friends, walking the beach and playing Texas Hold ‘Em in the evenings. Larry, of Larry and Charlotte stopped down to see if I was interested in going out on a boat and doing some deep-sea fishing. It was an all day affair heading out from Destin and the company provided everything but refreshments for less than $50 per person. That sounded like a great deal and we had planned on taking that excursion. However, this morning we received a call that changed all our plans. We have been hired by the California Angels major league baseball team for a spring training stint out in Arizona. Since I’m going to be a deck supervisor they asked us to come out a bit early to obtain all the necessary licensing. The positions are only until the team heads back for the regualar season in April but will give us a change of pace that I need and some extra jingle in our pockets. So we packed up the rig in about an hour and set out to find friends to bid adieu. We stopped by Greg and Sherita’s (Nevada). Then on to find Susan,(Oregon) the traveling shaman. We exchanged hugs and handshakes with Jim and Patsy (Colorado) and received and invite to camp out at their place in Colorado upon leaving our stint in Arizona. We didn’t get to see Larry and Charlotte (Wisconsin) as Larry was out working and we couldn’t find Charlotte. I felt bad about this as I wanted to tell Larry that I would have to renege on the deep-sea fishing venture. Hopefully, you’ll be reading this Larry and accept my apologies. By noon we were on the road West. We passed through Pensacola and across Mobile Bay. Southern Mississippi was full of natural eye candy as this part of the trip was especially pleasing. We passed through Pascagoula and lunched at a rest area near Biloxi. It was then that I changed my mind to head toward Baton Rouge and suggested we go south for some ‘cajun cuisine. That’s it. We’re headed for New Orleans. We pulled into the Big Easy around 4 p.m. into the Ponchartrain Landing RV Resort. I just love how loosely the term resort is used. I’ll go into this later when evaluating this campground. Just settled in for the evening and relaxed. In the morning we’ll be heading out to the French Quarter for some cuisine and touring. Saintsations Perhaps we’ll even be able to find some tickets for the championship game on Sunday. All you see everywhere you look here are Saints flags.

7 Responses to An Unexpected Departure

  1. Debbie

    Oh, the wanderlust has struck again…..and how easy it is to change directions on a whim! I’m glad that Brutus is feeling better, which I’m sure makes Robin feel better……..Happy trails and Moonbeams all round, travel safely Gypsy Larry……; )

  2. Donna

    I’m living my adventure through your blog!! It’s like my own travelocity only I’m not going anywhere!! Maybe I could grow up to be just like you two–Life is good,glad Brutus is well, miss you and keep on LIVIN’
    Neil needs a Brutus fix though

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