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Tom and Deanna Arrive

Posted by on December 4, 2009

We had been renting U-Haul trailers to bring the bike along when we moved from one campground to another. Although relatively inexpensive, this came to be burdensome to find an open trailer in the various locales we were situated. Prior to flying up to Pittsburgh, I had purchased one to suit my needs. It was supposed to be readied with tie downs and E-channel the day after our return. In the morning we headed over to Champion trailers to find that we were still an hour too early. At that moment, I received a phone call from Tom and Deanna Mulloy that they were in the office of Tampa East RV Park.  tomdeana

I offered that we would be back to assist them in short time. Tom and Deanna are also fulltimers, the owners of the Elkhorn Cafe in Medora, ND that we befriended and worked for this past summer. They decided to visit with us for the month of December. It was great to see them again. We assisted little in the initial setup. Tom has been doing this now for two full years and he’s quite adept at backing his rig in, leveling up, and attaching the necessary lifelines in short order. All done, they decided to ride along to pick up the trailer, and then we would make it over to Smokey Bones for some barbecue for lunch. We spent the rest of the day catching up on the past few months of each of our travels, alleviating the packing in my basement and moving things to the trailer, and resting from the enormous lunch. In fact, we had passed on supper to play a couple of rounds of the board game. Yes, it goes un-named for it has no name, just going by the term, “board game”. We kept Tom up way past his eight o’clock bed hour but he seemed not to be upset as the laughter continued for hours. Hopefully, tomorrow shall bring more.

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