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Searching for Perfection in the average day.

Posted by on December 24, 2009

It’s been a few days away from here. I never want to bore with you mundane tasks of living or the fact that not every day of this glorious adventure is full of bliss. But I have been busy. Busy in search of perfection in the average day. Each morning I walk the mile to the workout center on the other side of the park. I do my daily regimen of twenty-five minutes on the elliptical and return the original mile back to our rig. I’ve given up on aerobics as the terra cotta floor has not been kind to my knees. But I need this morning routine. Not only does it invigorate me but gives rise to many explorative ideas that cross my mind’s eye. Along with that, we have been consuming far too much food with the Mulloys. Daily we have been making travel jaunts to see other campgrounds, flea markets, browsing, or dealing with computer issues. Accompanying these forays into the retail arena, comes eateries, restaurants, and snacks. Therefore the morning routine is not only an hour of inspiration but much need perspiration as well. Evening have been spent playing a domino game called, “chicken foot” or a home invented game brought along by Deana simply called, “the board game”.


I’ve increased our play area outside by fabricating a framework made of PVC pipe. I had considered selling the hammock as it’s rarely used. While looking at its’ legwork I fashioned upon the idea of extending plastic pipe from it in order to create a support for our homemade mesh awning as well as serve as a hanging structure for future exotic plants that I plan to hang and create my own Babylonian gardens.


It turned out quite well but as you can see, I have to finish the paint job. I started with the matching green but the cool weather stopped further completion of the project.


However, we haven’t been satisfied with the ground cover as it just doesn’t have the pop to warrant sitting out there  in the evenings. I wanted to change that. Time for a day trip. We headed north on I-75 to the Bushnell exit and headed into the town of Center Hill to find Beasley Manufacturing. We were pleasantly surprised to find rolls and rolls of fabric from which to choose.


We purchased some ground cover, new mesh netting to hide the tires from the UV rays and an additional piece to brighten the picnic table. We also met the Beasleys, the owners, who were wonderful to work with and put up with all my transgressions concerning measurements and mind changing.


Here’s a shot of their placard in case you would be desirous of their services. They ship if you’re not in the Central Florida area and their customer service is far beyond most expectations.


Tom and Deana followed suit and we both exchanged a few Franklins with them for our goodies. Upon leaving we found that abdominal forgetfulness was pulling us toward another greasy spoon. Shortly down the road we found Hayseed’s Cafe.


This was the old world Florida with a houseful of “crackers” and we fit in just fine.


The eye candy was complimentary of the lunch buffet.


This stop was a good choice. Finally arriving home by early evening we couldn’t wait to put down the ground cover and spruce up the table. Pleasing to the eye we were drawn to the outdoors once again and spent the evening contemplating our next adventure.


Dominos and the board game took a second place tonight to good conversation and great evening weather under the canopy. What a splendid way to end a great day.

5 Responses to Searching for Perfection in the average day.

  1. Michael Lockridge

    I have never been a big fan of perfection. I have never sought it, and it has evaded me with unsurprising ease.

    I do strive for adiquatitude, and am most often content in that state.

    That being said, it seem you had a mighty fine day, and I thank you for sharing it. Continue the adventure, and I will avidly follow along.


  2. Debbie

    Now, that’s looking like retirement to me…….you’re on the right track, finally……..hope you have a wonderful visit with your kiddo’s, Merry Christmas Gypsy Larry, and Seester Robin, and little Brutus…….love you all to the moon!

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