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Just Hanging Out

Posted by on December 13, 2009

The last few days have been spent running around and spending far too much money but it’s been fun. Robin has had  trouble getting into the Titan due to her recent knee surgery. The chassis is a bit taller for her than she’d been used to. I checked with the Nissan dealer and their price for running boards and installation was $620. Way out of my price range. I got them from PepBoys for $320 and Tom helped me install them in about twenty minutes, saving three hundred dollars. Robin is elated with them due to the fact that it’s so much easier for climbing into the truck. I like them just cause they look cool.

The other day we took a ride down to Okeechobee as I had an interview there. We’ll discuss that more later in case something positive comes to fruition. But it was a great day trip. Down I-75 to Route 70 and then across the state to the largest lake in the state. The marina and boat docks excited me and gave me that yearning to wet a line once again in pursuit of the largemouth. We lunched at Lightseys as we had a hankering for fresh fish.

The past few days have see-sawed between visiting the mall, looking for Christmas gifts for family and friends, hanging out at the pool, walking through fruit and vegetable stands, and strolling the local flea market on the weekend. Robin loves looking through all the “stuff” and I enjoy watching the people. Flea markets have to be one of the best hands on sociology classes that one could experience.  Even Tom, who has seen eons of these things seem to get a joy out of a Norelco set of barber shears and gave me a trim job on the neck somewhere in the aisles of “L” wing.  Temperatures have been in the 80’s lately and gives rise to just enjoying winter retirement. That feeling wanes with me, however, as I still have a desire to do some meaningful work at this time. But tomorrow we’re headed down to Lake Wales and the wetlands of Lake Kissimee to do some airboat touring.

4 Responses to Just Hanging Out

  1. Donna

    I can see life continues to be an adventure for you.We are all decked out for Christmas but we sure do miss your smiling faces!! We just sent our deposit for our Florida condo so anticipation will sustain us until March!!

  2. Debbie

    At this point, I would love to visit you, on the water, we have run the gamut of 19 degrees and black ice, gale force winds, to 50 degrees and fog and rain! Can’t make up it’s mind. Pictures are fascinating as usual, almost as good as being there……like you, am getting last minute things done for Christmas Dinner with the Clan! Seasons Greetings and Happy Trails!

  3. Carolyn

    We can’t wait to enjoy those 80 degree temps with you both. I am counting down the days til we spend the holidays together!!

  4. larry

    I’m not trying to be catty here or rub it in. I’m just being honest when I say you can’t believe what full sun and temperatures in the 80’s almost everyday does to your mental well being. Even on days when things don’t go as planned, it’s OK. It just seems that nothing much matters to get upset about when the sun is beating on your shoulder. Everyone should be able to have this much sunshine in their lives. I wish I could send you all some.

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