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Good Friends

Posted by on December 18, 2009

The last time I posted a shot of my awning, it was in shambles. Hurricane Ida had pulled the entire framework away from the side of the Revolution, springing us to shock and awe at 3 in the morning. Progressive was great about the whole thing, cutting a check two days later. awning The only problem was the awning had to be ordered due to its 20 length. After full three and a half weeks, it’s arrival was announce by a phone call. We had to have it in for installation and that meant unhooking and a drive back down to Sarasota. Dave Zeng informed us that it would be an all day job, so be here by 9 a.m. So it was set. I would drive the RV while Robin followed in with the truck in order for us to have a ‘run around’ vehicle while on hiatus in Sarasota. Not wanting to have Brutus sit idle in the truck all day while we cruised the Tamiami Trail, Tom and Deana offered to entertain Brutus for the day. As for us we had to finalizing holiday gift buying to help pass the time.  One other agenda item was the partaking of some fine cuisine at the local Bob Evans. You’d think Robin owned stock in that breakfast haven. By four in the afternoon, Dave had phoned and informed us the completion of the awning project would be done in short time so we should head back for pickup. We also had the LED light in the glass doorhandle replaced as it went by the wayside last week. This item in not a necessity, just a neat little safety item that also lends to the aesthetics of the front of the coach. But this all set well with us as the mental encumbrances of shopping had us at about wits end.  By 4:30 we were headed north on I-75. I radioed to Robin that a fill up was going to take place prior to getting back to our site.  This would have us pulling in as the sun went down and I wanted the final setup taking place in daylight hours. All went smoothly as we extended the new awning just as dusk was waning into night. Time to await Brutus’ arrival as we saw that Tom and Deana weren’t home so they all must be out for ice cream. No sooner had we knocked on an unanswered door when their Geo came rolling in from some last minute errands. To our surprise, they knew we would be tired and welcomed us in as they had prepared dinner. What a pleasant surprise, but those two are the most giving and gracious people we’ve befriended. Tomorrow we’ll travel into Brandon to have their computer checked out. They’ve been having some problems with it. I need to have my backup PC looked at as well. I keep it on hand just in case something would happen to my Mac but that just doesn’t happen with an Apple. I suggested the Geek Squad as I’m not that savvy with PC’s. Let’s see what that foray brings. After that I plan on decorating the site for Christmas as we’ve held off until the awning job so we wouldn’t have to pull out again until after New Years.

4 Responses to Good Friends

  1. Debbie

    Why do repairs always happen at the worst times? I guess even when you’re Gypsy’s it’s never smooth, is it. I’m sure you’re getting all ready for your kiddo’s to come for the holidays! Hope everything falls into place!

  2. Josh Thomas

    Hello ! Love your blog.

  3. joshua Thomas

    Hey ! Love your blog.

  4. Shasta Entsminger

    great blog! keep up the great work!

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