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Gone Too Fast

Posted by on December 29, 2009

The past several days away were both bittersweet and melancholic. We took Tom and Deana to the airport to venture back to South Dakota to be with their boys for the holidays. Later that day we returned to the airport to retrieve Erin. Christmas Eve was spent sauntering the countries of Epcot, taking in as much eye candy as possible. We engaged in as many excursions as time would permit and enjoyed some German brats and delicacies. We spent a good part of the day there until dusk was upon us. We turned in early as all that walking took its toll on these weary bones. Christmas day was quiet and we enjoyed Erin immensely, having her all to ourselves. Phone calls went out to family and friends in an effort to become as close as possible on this most glorious of days. Ryan and Carolyn arrived a day later, their flight being delayed due to increased security and weather. I despise what we must endure due to the terrorism that is so rampant. However, they finally arrived and we had Christmas exchange all over again. Why do we do that, given all the material possessions we have? Nonetheless, their company is priceless. On Sunday we all took another trip to Lake Wales for an airboat excursion. The weather was a bit cooler so we bundled, but the flora and fauna was worth the chill. Captain Darald let each and every one of us take a spin at commandeering the boat. As you’ll see we were clothed as if we were in the north again but it was a paltry 58 degrees on this day in Florida. Monday saw us all taking in the new movie, “Sherlock Holmes” at Ryans request. After packing in an RV full of nerves and melancholic feelings about leaving we headed again to the airport.  That afternoon, hugs, kisses and tears were exchanged as our babies all departed again for points north. Sure, I left quite a bit of detail from this post. After all, a four day visit prompts more than just a few paragraphs. But those poignant times are private. You all understand. So as you enjoyed your family, we so did with ours. Now all is back to where the week began and my god, do I miss them already.  So instead of a lengthy blog, just enjoy the photos.

2 Responses to Gone Too Fast

  1. Deborah

    The pictures were wonderful as usual, Brutus, shows his feelings quite well…….for all of you, I am lucky as my kids are both just an hour away, although it times they seem to be on the other side of the world. I think that’s what Holidays are for, to reconnect, and just be together……..the gifting is optional, and just a habit…..but, to see those smiling faces, and listening to memories coming to life…….that means everything doesn’t it! Happy Trails, Gypsy Larry, love to you both!

  2. larry

    Thanks Deb, hope your holiday is grand. Hug Jim for the both of us. Know that we think about you often and love you both.

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