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Scared by retail youth.

Posted by on December 19, 2009

Rain and cool winds have permeated the area and to be honest, it’s been a welcome respite. It gives us an excuse to do some shopping. The Mulloys hard drive crashed after only five months with the Dell. I offered them a ride to the Geeks squadron to see if it was salvageable . geeksquadI had some issues of my own with a backup PC. Little did I know that these black tied generation Xers were not experts at all but techies who haven’t procured their dreams of authoring cyber programs. Tom got no satisfaction at all, and I was advised to get a $99 checkup followed by a hard drive enclosure for another $60 to take anything from my existing drive to another computer. I opted out and when Robin asked why we left the store with nothing, I stubbornly stated that I would fix the problems myself. She just rolled her eyes. Off to the mall to Dick’s Sporting Goods as I was desirous of purchasing a heart monitor, calorie counter, pedometer, do it all workout measurement device for my daughter. I asked the young lady manning the display if I could look at it in my hands. She said no, it was attached to a short cord and that woudn’t be possible. “Can you get me one from behind the counter, so I can touch it, understand it, as I don’t buy anything I can’t touch”. She would look. Several minutes later she delivered one but wouldn’t allow me to hold it, reading the back panel as if I hadn’t had my first primer as of yet. When I asked how the relay was set to act with the monitor, here were her exact words, “It has a thingy inside”.  Now I’m getting a bit worried. How could this young lady procure a job here. Undaunted I asked if there was a rule against me reading the back of the box, all by myself. dicks1 Reluctantly she handed the item over to me. After being satisfied with my search, I suggested that I would take it to a counter near the exit as we were meeting Tom and Deana at the Apple Store.  “No, you’re not allowed, you have to purchase it at this register”. I almost couldn’t believe my ears. I suggested that she could walk with me to the other counter as I had no intention of stealing it. She would have to get permission for me. At this point, I’m not infuriated. I’m worried. Worried about this country and the youth that we have manning the commerce that makes us tick. The first young man she asked wasn’t sure if I could get permission for another cash register. But then a manager stepped in to unravel the mystery. He was their superior by a good two years and must have been all of twenty-five. He suggested that another register would be fine as they all accept my legal tender equally. Happily I walked toward the exit to make my purchase. I was fifth in line. A great thing since I counted fourteen patrons behind me, all with merchandise just dying to part with their cash. I wondered to Robin why they would think of opening another register. After all, it is the Christmas shopping season. She became angry with my lack of patience and walked away. I thought I exhibited the patience of Job, given my conundrum. Finally, a lady behind me asked another young man clad in the Kelley Green polo shirts emblazoned with “Dicks” upon his chest if another register could be opened. “No” was his retort. We exchanged glances, aghast at the fact that the economy is in dire need of help. Here are twenty customers just wanting to spend their money, people outside panhandling and giving anything for a job, and no one to wait on us inside. As Calvin Coolidge said, “the business of America is business”, I wondered where this country is headed with a generation of workers who have no concept of customer satisfaction.  macintosh I was pleasantly surprise when I sauntered over the the Apple Store. Tom and Deana were pleased with my recommendation of a Mac. The young man was making them smile, answering their questions, making them feel important, and taking time to teach them everything they needed to know. The frustration was erased, all is well again. American youth make a positive statement. Let’s go get some Chinese.

3 Responses to Scared by retail youth.

  1. debbie handley

    Hello to Larry &Wife!
    I teach with your daughter. She is the greatest! My hubby and I are envious of you…We want to have all of you over for dinner when you come back up this way. Oh…the stories you can probably tell. Merry Chrismas to you!

  2. Debbie

    I hear you, I’ve been on both sides of the counter, and I have decided that every person in the world should experience the world of retail at Holiday time………it’s a real eye opener!

  3. Not returning to Gypsy Larry

    I love how you immediately point the finger at “the youth” and not at the giant companies they work for. Every Dick’s I’ve been to has been like this. It’s not “the youths” fault that companies make stupid policies.

    I also enjoy the fact that you complain about being in a line of so many people. Even more amusing is that you cite the economy being in dire need of help. Don’t you think that’s what Dick’s is doing? By having only one lane open, they’re saving money so that maybe when things pick back up they can actually pay more people to run front registers. You still bought from them, right?

    Now let’s all go celebrate Apple. One of the great icons of overpriced crap, *served with a smile*, that put the American people deeper into credit card debt every day.

    Sorry we didn’t all grow up in the same times as you, Gypsy Larry.

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