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From the Desk of the Osprey Rattler

Posted by on November 9, 2009

Deep in the Woods of Northern Ontario lies the training grounds of Canada‘s best Bob Sledders. Located in the Heartland of Pine Island with the fresh smell of pine cones in the air. Let me introduce you to Pablo and Loggy Sawdust. Both men have unbelievable talent and the enthusiasm of the sport of Bob Sledding lives in their blood lines. Raised by a pack of Wolves till the age of 8 months old. They live, breath and practice the sport all 4 seasons. To them, it is just practice, practice and practice. They can be seen lunging over peoples roofs, off snow embankments, off steep rock slides, sometimes out on the highway riding  on the  top of transports getting the feel of wind, snow, or slush across their face.  Recently a new house went up next door, with very steep roofs, and to Pablo and Loggy it was Alpine sledding with the gusto of the steep curvature of the roof lines.  They now feel the lunge has come on the Island.

To them they are part of Canada’s top Bob Sedding team in their minds alone.  They hitched a ride down to Ottawa by attaching their sled to the back of  a Larry and Robyn’s Motorhome, practicing as they went along the way behind the motor home.  Both had their Publix grocery bags packed with their personal clothes and finally arrived at the Tarmac at Pearson Airport 8 days later.  Full of enthusiasm, and the zest to board the plane, the boarding ladder was immediately pulled as they approached the jet.  This did not deter them and The Bob Sledders quickly tried to jump in the Cargo storage area, but the door slammed quickly, which only left them to grab unto the landing gear as it taxied down the tarmac at 80 miles an hour.  Smiles were on the boys faces (ages 8 and 12), and were enjoying the chilly flight as they held on for their lives.  Turin, Italy was on their minds as they rode on the wheels, while playing a card game of Fish, but suddenly as they approached St. Joe Island bridge, the landing gear was descended at 8000 feet, and a quick shake of the plane with a G force registered at 5, descended the two Bob Sledders unto Osprey Bay, where eventually they awoke on top of Pine Trees, with their orange sled and personal baggage strewn across the Bay.The boys were woke up by a rowdy pair of crows and the young lads looked at each other and remarked. Well we will keep training and head to Vancouver for the Olympics when the time comes. Feel proud of these young men when you see them in your yard practicing the sport of Bob Sledding. Below is a picture of them both practicing, the push off, for maximum speed down the Lunge.

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