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Brutus Blogs Again

Posted by on October 19, 2009

brutus1So let me tell you about my experience. Mom and Dad had to attend a wedding up in Jersey. Even though their hotel was pet-friendly (now here’s a term I think is racist), they didn’t want to have to worry about some cleaning lady letting me escape. So into the Raleigh Petsmart we walk. Turn left and through some large glass doors to the hotel lobby. What a setup. Fragrances galore, a large rounded check-in desk, flowers up on the table so I have to strain my neck to see, and mirrors higher than I can ever jump. But don’t get me wrong. This place is swank, even for my oppulent tastes. My chose regular room for me instead of a private suite. The latter doesn’t allow anyone to see me despite its privacy. No I wanted an open cage where I could check out those frilly asses on the Bichons’ and they in turn, could check my profile out as well. Being able to smell them and give an occasional nod was more than a fair trade-off for a TV.  The deal was for a mere $23 a day, I got the room, taken out for co-op play twice a day, my toys with me, and a little brushing. But not my mom. She had to spring an extra sawbuck for a daily bonus package. This gave me treat twice more a day along with some soft serve ice cream as well. And you know how those terriers just want to eat me up when they see that ice cream dangling on my lower beard. WOW, I can break their hearts. They even have this thing called the “bone phone”. Sounds a bit sexy but Mom gets to call anytime she wants. They pick me up, put my ear to the phone and I listen to what she has to say. I know, I know. It makes her feel good but I really hope she know I need some down time for myself. I do hope they have a good time at this wedding but I really don’t need to be bothered while I’m here on R&R will all these little chippies in here. Four days in heaven. Well, it must have been the eyes as I didn’t spend much time in quarters. These young desk jockeys would get me out of my pen in the morning, cart me off to the lobby desk and their I played most of the day. I got rubbed and given treats, I walked around the room like I owned it. I even got held in the arms of the young ladies while they were checking in others on the computer. I was just loving it.  But this didn’t give me much time to strut my stuff in the play area. Tough being a celebrity, huh? These people at Petsmart have hit on the best idea I have ever seen. What a market. I wish I had thought of something like this. I could be wealthy by now. This has to be the fastest growing business in all of America. Afterall, those baby boomers with the empty nest syndrome are now treating us guys better than they did their own kids. What a racket we have going here!!  But despite all this, three days have gone by now and I’m kinda missing mom and dad. Can’t wait for them to get me on Monday. And then I couldn’t believe it. I no sooner had finished watching the Steelers lay it to Cleveland again when I heard a familiar voice. Erin had flown down from the wedding and was here to pick me up for mom and day early while they were driving the truck.  brutus2Hooray. I love to to to Sissy’s.  I’m a king there as well with all the new stuff to check out. And outside. Oh my.  She has some great bushes for me to lift that left rear onto. I hear a knock on the door. Can it be? Yes, there’s my mom. I loved the Petsmart hotel, but there’s nothing better than being back in my mom’s arms again. I’ll have to get the wedding scoop tonight and get caught up on all the weekend activities.

2 Responses to Brutus Blogs Again

  1. Debbie

    Ahhh, Brutus, we did so miss you at the wedding….but, happy to hear you had a great Spa weekend! Nicky had a good weekend of “mooching” with his buddy Roni, and even conned her out of some hot dogs……..and yes, he was happy to see his Mommy come back on Sunday, and I was just as happy to see him……..we do love our babies………tell your Mommy I miss her already, and I love all of you to the moon!

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