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What were the Chances

Posted by on September 24, 2009


The RV Resort at Carolina Crossroads sits just behind the Randy Parton Music Theatre built by Dolly Parton for her brother to operate. The theater is a magnificent multi-million dollar structure along I-95, but it sits idle and has for some time. The RV park was built to complement the influx of people for the theater and the adjacent amphitheater. As a result, the park will be in time a resort. Presently it still is under a bit of construction but the sites are long, housing our entire 70 feet of motorhome and trailer. They are well-manicured, level, with a concrete patio and picnic table. The bath houses are meticulous, according to Robin. Personally, I only utilize the facilities in my own rig. But the best thing about the park is the gazebo enclosed jacuzzi. We used it the last two nights and it is one of the better units that I have seen. This park, in time will be a 9. Hopefully, the economy will do an about face bringing more musical acts to the area. Apparently Jeff Foxworthy and Kellie Pickler from American Idol were the last two acts, and the park was packed. lake-gaston

Today we listened to a webinar brought to us from the owner of Thunder Bay Golf Resort in upper Michigan. We have procured positions there for next summer.  A webinar is a neat thing if you’ve never engaged in one. It is part of the menu. You merely sign up via email. Ten minutes prior to the broadcast, you log on and whallah, you’re there in the room with the presenter. You hear his presentation, you see his power point slideshow, you can ask questions by either clicking on a tab that states, “raise your hand”, or you can type your question into the box provided. Your built in microphone and speakers do it all for you. It was quite insightful. We learned all that we needed to know about next year’s stint at the resort. My thanks go out to Howard and Linda Payne of RV-Dreams for alerting us to these positions. Apparently they will be working there as well and we finally get to know each other personally. I’ve been following their website for years and by far, it’s the best full-timing site on the net. You must check it out. I’ve learned a lot from both of them. 

After the webinar, Robin and I decided it was time to do some exploration so we set off for Lake Gaston. We found Outdoor World sitting adjacent to the lake and decided to go in and check it out. Sharon, the host, was quite pleasant to us in conveying all the park had to offer. She was operating the place along with her husband Mike until they closed at the end of  October. They told us they had come up here from Jacksonville four years earlier. When I asked where in Jacksonville she stated they owned a park by the name of Cabin Creek. My jaw dropped open. What were the chances that we would encounter the previous owners of the park in which we had just left. The odds of winning the lottery were much better than this. We had an extensive conversation with Sharon and Mike and learned so much about managing, speculation, and operation. They must have taken a liking to us because Sharon gave us an application for work when they open again in the spring. I believe the “lucky bird” comes periodically and sits upon one of our shoulders. Before leaving, Sharon dipped Robin a double scoop of Butter Pecan, a Moon Pie for me and some lemonade to drown the duo. Mike gave us directions to a marina on Lake Gaston as I am on the hunt for a place to rent a pontoon boat. The rest of the day was spent cruising the area and taking in the beauty of the lake. We finished the night with burgs on the grill, corn on the cob, fresh tomatoes, a trip to the jacuzzi and some TV until I awoke myself from snoring and we went off to bed.

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