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Waterfowl Wanderlust

Posted by on September 30, 2009

Last evening things were quiet in an unusual way.  As we took our evening walk, the skies looked a bit foreboding and Robin wondered aloud if we should return to the RV.  I took exception as the winds, the smell, the sounds were all different and I wanted to relish in the change and walk in a meditative manner.  It wasn’t too long thereafter that those skies become ominous and it was indeed a good idea to heed her warnings.  As we entered our home, heavy and thick rain droplets began hitting the roof and a wind whipped up strong enough that all fabric awnings had to be pulled in for fear of losing them.  Then the deluge began.  I’ve not seen rain this heavy and intense in such a long time. The sky was gorgeous.

The thunderstorm was so strong that the satellite cable from the host RV park went down for about a half hour. And then it was over as quickly as it had come. While the TV was out we just sat and reflected upon the day. We’ve been doing nothing lately. The days have been spent with intermittent bouts of walking, lifting weights, bicycling, and resting with an emphasis on the latter. Today we awoke to again, sunny skies and decided to do a short day trip to a local wetlands that abound with waterfowl that I thought would prove interesting. Along with that, I haven’t done much in the way of photography in some time and I was missing that. We headed south to a small town called Scotland Neck. Like most semi-rural towns along the coast of NC, businesses are closed and the economy has taken its toll here as well. However, what intrigued me the most is the parking. Like other small towns you can park along the curb at metered spots. But then right in the midst of very wide streets are parking spots laid out perpendicular to the traffic. What a insightful idea for the future that was, I”m sure, thought out decades ago.  scotland-neck

We cruised the town for a bit to see if there was something that we didn’t want to miss to no avail.  However, not far out of town we uncovered the wetlands area at Sylvan Heights.  It was perhaps one of the best afternoons we had spent in a while. I literally took hundreds of photos but saved the best three dozen for you and posted them here below in the slideshow.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.  Upon our return home, we received a call from Ryan who had been in Durham on business.  Being only a few hours away he decided to surprise us. When he called he asked for directions as he was only five miles away.  We were taken aback as he always jokes with us but lo’ and behold, in fifteen minutes he found his way to our site and we had a wonderful evening visiting and discussing his upcoming wedding.  He stayed the night. It was like being young parents once again.

2 Responses to Waterfowl Wanderlust

  1. Deanna

    I loved the pictures of the birds Larry. It would be so cool to see such them and maybe one of these days we will. We’ve become real bird watchers the last few years and when “Guy” the western kingbird came into our lives four years ago we really pay attention now. Its really amazing how many different kinds of birds are up in this part of the country—and whats more amazing now is so many people don’t pay any attention or know what is here. They miss out on a lot. By the way did you get the two little articles I sent. If you didn’t we’ll try it again. Deanna

  2. Debbie

    Amazing photos, have indeed missed them, still waiting for the book……happy trails to you both!

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