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The Bird People

Posted by on September 2, 2009



I’ve learned some things while being “back home” this week.  First of all, there is no back home. Home is where my rig is parked, be it out West, the Midwest, the South or well, you’re getting the gist of this.  After the medical appointments and the business items, and the small errands that needed to be taken care of, I’m finding myself antsy to get back on the road again. Sure, it was wonderful to see my sister and her family and it was rewarding to me to be able to give her some golf tips that altered her game for the better.  Teaching’s what I’m all about. I had breakfast on Saturday with Robin’s entire extended family. That was a joy as well. And the visits with friends and neighbors from “our old street” was phenomenal.  I couldn’t have been treated better.  But the wanderlust continues to evoke those nomadic genes in my soul.  Having ancestors from south-central Europe that were on the move constantly has manifested that lifestyle in me, at least for the time being. I learned that not only am I not possessed by a regular “home”, I really have no desire to live in one presently. It can’t be moved easily.  I see my friends going about their daily tasks, knowing exactly what’s expected of them and what the day will bring.  They truly have a comfort level that I’m not comfortable with.  I love the fear of not knowing what I’m doing tomorrow or where I’ll be at days end. As its often been stated,  “isn’t life strange, a turn of the page”.  I like that.  I am spending my last night here, having dinner with my son Ryan while he is in Pittsburgh on business.  I haven’t seen him in three months and won’t again until his wedding in mid October. Time with him has been priceless.  And while awaiting his work day to finish and a quiet dinner with him, I treated myself to one of my favorite places.  birdpeopleGary and Sandy Antoinette are the owners of the Wild Bird Center of McMurray. I can’t keep away from that place and I’ve spent far too much money in there lately. But I have some really neat surprises in store for Robin when we again connect in Raleigh tomorrow evening. That’s my next stop on the continuum to some beach time for the Labor Day weekend. Dinner and stimulating conversation with Ryan tonight, a good night’s rest and then we’ll both head in different directions in the morning. I’m missing Robin and he’s missing Carolyn. Like father-like son, both yearning for a good woman.

3 Responses to The Bird People

  1. Debbie

    I wondered how long it would be before the wanderlust would be tugging at you……not to mention those blue eyed blondes that await your arrival. I’ll be anxious to know what surprises you have for my sister! Give her a big hug for me. We’ll all be seeing you at the wedding. Travel safely.

  2. cherie

    Hi, Happy Labour Day Weekend, thrilled to read all is well, but where is Thunder Bay Golf & RV Resort?
    I’ll email you both later.
    take care of one another 🙂
    love Cherie

  3. larry

    Thunder Bay Resort is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. near Mackinac Island. You must go to their website and see all the wonderful things available. Just google Thunder Bay RV Resort. Love ya.

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