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My Own Anniversary

Posted by on September 12, 2009

I celebrated my own 9/11 anniversary.  On chose this day two years ago to have a cancerous tumor removed from my throat and larnyx. I chose that date as I felt as if this tower would not fall.  I’ll admit I was down for a good three weeks, with two of those in the hospital. I’m cancer free now albeit a titanium windpipe and as the NYFD came to the rescue of the thousands in Manhatten, my hero of the day was Dr. Howard Goldberg. The celebration came in the form of the wind 2010-honda-goldwing_lead2blowing in my face as we chose a three hour bike ride up to Raleigh to visit with Erin and have a gown fitting done for Robin on her wedding gown.  No, she’s not found another husband. She’s the mother of the groom. Taking a wrong road in Wake Forest just a mere five miles from Erin wasn’t in the plan. However, my two riders complained not a bit, although we had some tender glutes the rest of the evening. Out for Japanes Hibachi and then back to Erin’s for an early evening.

One Response to My Own Anniversary

  1. Debbie

    Happy Anniversary to you, the other reasons I’ll never forget that date………Happy Trails…..enjoy the ride………

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