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From Beach to the Beach

Posted by on September 6, 2009

I believe that the last time the word Beach was part of my repertoire was when we headed west, on the border of ND and Montana to get groceries, hardware or to get Brutus groomed there.  Now the word has a totally different connotation not to mention the un-capitilization of the word.  For the last few days back home doing business I had to take in Peters Lake peters-lakeeach morning and walk the two mile circumference to reminisce of the daily jaunts that Robin and I would take with Brutus. I’ll miss this pristine setting but I’m sure we’ll find an adequate substitute in time.  After that I finished installing some new E-channel e-channelon the insides of the trailer.  This was done in order to tote more ‘stuff ‘ that hopefully we’ll be able to pawn onto some unsuspecting character while down South. Realistically though, I did it because without the Jeep in there to haul I didn’t want things moving around on me enroute and you can never have enough tie downs for those innate objects that we just can’t seem to part with.  So after tying down some loose ends and packing all the items that I would need to keep the Stars and Stripes lit at night packing1I was on my way to the lower coastal lands of the Tar Heel State.  It was good to see my daughter again.  It was great to see Robin.  We had been away from each other for twelve days-the longest hiatus in our married lives.  It was like meeting a new woman.  The absence from me did her well and she looked divine.  After spending an evening at Erin’s we loaded the Jeep and headed for Jacksonville, NC.  Today we made it full circle, from Beach, North Dakota, to the beaches of Topsail Island.  Quite the opposite environment but after looking at the weather channel it proved to be an excelling move for the time being as temps hover near the century mark in the Badlands.  Here, the ocean breezes just seemed to make life so carefree and sans worries.  We’ll scout the area tomorrow and I’ll keep you all posted on the new digs.


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  1. Debbie

    Happy Days…….reunions………..

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