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For you, Lisa

Posted by on September 26, 2009



Isn’t it neat how little things will remind you of people that you love or are near and dear to your heart.  Such a thing happened to me this morning. I’ve been on a high protein, low carbohydrate kick lately.  However, I’m not so sure it’s working. Nevertheless, I had a hankering for Spam and eggs. And when I fired up the griddle, that ‘s when the above sight made me think of my sister, Lisa.  You see, when not at work, Lisa spends about 90 percent of her time in her kitchen; cooking, baking, or reading cookbooks in and effort to come up with new concoctions.  She reminds me a bit of Martha Stewart, Paula Dean and Giada DeLaurentis all wrapped into one. However, she has never seen in her forty some years, a double-yoked egg. In fact, when Robin and I were relating the phenomenon to her, she thought we were pulling the wool over her eyes. So when my Spam was about half way done I cracked open and egg for an over-easy. Lo and behold, there was the double yoke. So here you go Lisa. This one’s for you.

4 Responses to For you, Lisa

  1. John

    You’re more likely to get double yolkers (as we called them back when I grew up on the poultry farm) with Extra Large or Jumbo sized eggs, rather than large. Last time I bought a dozen Jumbo eggs, I think there were about three double yolkers.

  2. Donna

    Your picture of spam and eggs made me hungry!! So when will you be here to make the same for me???

  3. Debbie

    You know you’re day is gonna be good when you are blessed with a double yolk…… Grandma P. used to tell me that ! She was a very wise woman.

  4. larry

    I’d make these for you any time you grace that pretty face of yours in front of my apron. Perhaps at the hotel, prior to the wedding we’ll find a kitchen and I’ll whip you up some, or anything you want, sweetie.

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