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The Last Supper

Posted by on August 19, 2009


Yesterday our neighbors gathered for a Last Supper of pot luck. The occasion was a farewell send-off as we’ll be leaving Medora tomorrow. That time has come again when MRI’s, brain scans, and neurosurgeon visits beckon us to Pittsburgh. It has been a sweet ride for the past several months and the friendships established will be hopefully long-lasting. pot-luck As we sat around the fire we discussed our plans for the immediate future.  Imagine if you had no idea where you would be living in one month.  That would strike terror in the minds of most.  But almost all of us countered with the fact that we had some rough idea of our future whereabouts but no definite plans.  And that is what exhiliarates us all. NOT KNOWING! Gary and Neoma think they’ll be going to the tip of Texas.  Tom and Deanna will close the Elkhorn Cafe in three weeks but they aren’t sure whether they’ll sun in Arizona, Texas, or Florida at this point.  Daryl and Nancy have mentioned Needles, CA but vacillation persists there with Lemon, SD.  Donna and Bob will return to Montana to brave yet another frigid winter but they are the only two with set plans. As for us – that will depon upon brain waves.  But my optimism runs deep and my love of defying adversity is almost titillating.  In my mind eye I can feel the warm breezes of the Carolina ‘low country’ and Beach Music playing in my head. Robin championed my cause of working on a golf course in the Badlands.  golfcourseAlthough the mud and muck, followed by snow in June, screens clogged with the white drift of the cottonwood, compounded all with incessant dust occasionally daunted her spirits, she kept any malice toward me inside.  It was the people that made for her daily smile. And now it’s my turn to return the favor.  Turtle hospitals abound in the Low Country.  The care and well-being of the laggerheads images stirs her need to nurture.  Perhaps the Carolina’s will host us for the coming season.  But then again it may be Florida or Texas or ________.  We just don’t know. And that excites the hell out of us.

4 Responses to The Last Supper

  1. Debbie

    I’m sure the Potluck was a poignant affair, making and leaving friends in a short time, and as you say, not knowing for sure where you will be landing, all the while not knowing would scare the BeJesus out of most, including me……..that ‘s why we call you Gypsy Larry, isn’t it? And Robin, bless that big old loving heart of hers, is there to support, and work right along with you with every minute of her life. It’s how she’s made…..never afraid of a challenge, a warrior at times, and selfless……….will not admit defeat………even when she should, you’re quite the pair………and we miss you both. Safe travels.

  2. Carolyn

    Can’t wait to hear myself where you will be off to! I vote for somewhere on the east coast and I can’t wait til we can come to visit you there!

  3. Donna

    Whereever you land I am sure you will make friends and have a great tim e. When do you contemplate being in the southwestern area of PA?? Sure am looking forward to seeing you both

  4. larry

    To my favorite lady readers: Carolyn, Debbie, and Donna. Final plans for the fall and winter are all dependent upon the condition of the brain tumor. I shall be in western PA this Sunday for a week or so. Robin shall pay a much needed visit to Erin. And if I have to guess where you may come to visit for the winter, I’m hoping it’s the Beach Country of central North Carolina, But there is much dependent upon that.

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