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Surgery, Suppers, and Snakes

Posted by on August 6, 2009


18th-fairwayYesterday we made the trip to Bismarck for the MRI.  Amazing what computers do now that took days before. By the time we had walked over to Robin’s doctor a block and a half away, her MRI was scanned and sent via internet and read by the orthopedic surgeon. Just as he figured.  A torn miniscus along with some damaged cartilage that would need scraped and cleaned and some other things needing done in there that I didn’t quite understand.  The arthritis he can do nothing about.  The good news is that they’ll fix this.  The bad news is that this surgery is buying about five more years until she’ll need a total knee replacement. I guess I’ll have to get her butt up off the couch and into a good workout routine to avoid that outcome. When we returned home from Bismarck, we were happy to find Cherie and Warren, our friends from Edmonton, Alberta waving and sauntering over to our rig.  We met this couple in Ocala this past February and had some great times with them until the spring thaw saw us divert into different directions. They had just gotten in from Sturgis about an hour earlier, telling is that the bike fest wasn’t as nearly well attended as it had been in past years. Can you imagine open spaces and parking spots in or even near the town?  It was so good to chat and catch up with them.  I put four ribeyes on the grill, steamed some asparagus and whipped up a quick salad and we continued to enjoy their company through the evening.  Cherie must have felt sorry for Robin as she offered and then treated her to a pedicure.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Here she is, sitting in our RV and her friend is giving care to her feet.  What a friend. A mobile pedicurist.  Is that a word?  

We worked today, and they both paid us a visit at the course.  It was a slow day and about the only excitement is that while I’m chasing a bull snake from the fairway just in front of the green on 18, Robin was notified that her surgery would be performed on Friday.  I’ll keep all you family and friends reading here posted on her outcome and standing condition.  pedicure2  After the snake encounter, it was quitting time and again Cherie and Warren to the rescue with pasta alfredo for dinner topped off with my favorite–fresh strawberry rhubarb pie. We chatted into the evening until we all became bleary eyed.

2 Responses to Surgery, Suppers, and Snakes

  1. Debbie

    Glad to see my little sister is getting some TLC, and that you’re both enjoying some quality time with longtime friends. Will be waiting to hear about the surgery tomorrow. Good luck, and love to you both. Deb

  2. Debbie

    Oh, and just for the record…….great “slither” pics, but, they really creep me out………..ha, ha………Deb

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