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Successful Surgery

Posted by on August 9, 2009

wolfes-garden St. Alexus hospital in Bismarck is a state of the art facility. Although it was built in 1922 and remodeled several times, the care, patient treatment, skill and equipment are second to none. Coming from the Pittsburgh area and being exposed to the world class health care at UPMC (the Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center) only brings about comparisons naturally. I say this because Robin’s knee surgery and total ordeal there was a total exemplary experience. Surgery was a success, claiming just a few days post haste that the repaired knee feels as stable as the right side. Turns out the miniscus was so disheveled and undone that it had folded underneath itself and couldn’t even be seen on the MRI. The cartilage was torn and Dr. Dahl had to do some scraping that was unexpected. His summation to me was that it was worse than expected. However, his skills must have proved impeccable as the healing process is going faster than expected and the pain and discomfort tolerable. Much needed rest interspersed with some dainty therapy has been the watchword over the weekend. Robin was well enough to limp out of the RV and join the neighborhood gang for our Saturday night ritual around the fire. Again the conversation wound its way around to the raunchy. fireThis must be a thing with baby boomers-more talk than action. Work was slow and not much going on around here but I did visit the Wolfe homestead. I’ve been watching this place for months now on the way to work and finally stopped and asked the owners if I could photograph their gardens. I will share these with you soon but in the meantime, I just wanted to thank all you well wishers for the good tidings you sent Robin’s way. It must have worked as all seems to be well on the personal health forum.

3 Responses to Successful Surgery

  1. michael lockridge

    Glad it went well. By the time we got around to the surgery my wife had no cartilage left in either knee. Degenerative arthritis. Now she has titanium knees. Hope that this gives Robin plenty of time before any replacements are necessary.

    Take plenty of time to heal and do the follow-up. Knees are kind of important.


  2. larry

    Mike , Thanks for the words of encouragement. We’ll take your advice and rest them well prior to getting her back in the workout routine. Perhaps we’ll just stick to kayaking and golf which should be easy on the knees. Have a glorious day, my man.

  3. Debbie

    Larry, Thank you for taking care of my Sister, and making her take it easy for awhile…….she’s so used to being the caregiver, it’s hard for her to be the patient………we need to have the talk…sounds like she went to the best place possible and all is going well, love you both, and will be glad to see you at the wedding!

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