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Post Surgery Report

Posted by on August 21, 2009

walmartWe stayed the night in a Walmart parking lot in Bismarck.  As you can see the view out our living area window, this venue was quite the pleasant surprise not only for a Walmart but you just don’t see this kind of sight even in most campgrounds. Acres and acres of sunflowers seem to dot the landscape all along Interstate 94.  We had some extra time so I visited the local Yamaha dealer checking out some of the Star Motorcycles.  I went in to see the lastest Roadliner but just fell in love with their new Raider S, which is customized beyond belief for this price range. I’m toying with the idea of putting my Wing on the market and get something a bit smaller as Robin is just not a friend of the ride anymore.  As for her, the post surgery visit to the surgeon was bittersweet.  She is progressing well and the surgery was a success. However, we were told the swelling in her knee is something that will come and go for about the next fivc months, dependent upon how much stress is put on it. Walking and exercise was recommended in small doses with bouts of resting and elevating it intermittently. It was suggested that a stationary bicycle be put on our shopping list as this would be the best therapy that she could have. So, after we’ve put down the first of next week, a research project will begin in a quest to find just the right bike.  The primary concern here is the feel of the seat and the comfort of the ass. After all, that’s tantamount at our ages, isn’t it? The damage to the knee is rated on a scale of 0 to 4. In two areas of her knee, Robin is at stage 3 and another area logs in at a 4. There is but a minute sliver of cartilage and on one side it is actually bone on bone.  So green tea, glucosimine chondroitin, celebrex, and minor physical therapy will be the menu for the next couple of years.  The eventual outcome, according to the surgeon will be a brand new titanium knee.  This may take two years, it may take five, who knows. I firmly believe that physical exertion is the aide-de-camp to all medical issues and hopefully will be able to convince her that the stationary bicycle and walking will avert the inevitable.  The rest of the day was spent traveling although we did find a bit of time to visit Barnes and Noble and pick up the audio version of Pat Conroy’s new book, “South of Broad”.  He’s one of my favorite authors, with his writing centering around Charleston and the Low Country of SC. When I read him I’m just drawn to that lifestyle and area of the country. If you’ve not read him yet, you must do. His previous works include: “ The Prince of Tides”, “The Lords of Discipline”,  “Beach Music”,  “The Great Santini”, and “The River is Wide”.  We’re just into chapter 6 on the road as the book is 20 hours long and should take us almost into Ohio. We’ve stopped at a Walmart again last night outside Minneapolis and should hit the road early again this morning.  I’ll check into a campground this evening as I need to dump and replace the depletion of water in the tank. Although my showers are short, I still need two a day and that 100 gallons goes faster than you would think.  Till later.

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