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Medical Tests Can Lie

Posted by on August 31, 2009

So many emails wondering where I’ve been and a host of phone calls wondering about the outcome of surgeon visits.  Here’s the official scoop.  Apparently not all MRI machines are the same.  What I mean is that the readings on one machine may be a bit different for a particular patient on a machine in another locale. surgeonsSuch was the scenario in my case. The other day I met with my neurosurgeon at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh and was astounded when he relayed to me that the brain tumor had not grown since the last MRI. This was not the case I was presented. Apparently when taking another MRI on the same machine that I had when back home this past winter, all results showed exactly the same findings.  Yes, there is a tumor and the edema (swelling) around it is still present. However, there is no growth in six months. Eventually it will have to come out as there is only so much dead space to fill under the cranium. My motion was tested, my balance was tested and my eyes followed the doctors finger for what seemed like eons while he waved it around the room.  I am in complete physical balance.  I put that in quotations because I can’t attest for the mental balance part.  That may be slow due to this age thing that keeps on creeping up on me.  But until symptoms arise, which I have none at the present, all will remain status quo.  I want to thank my friend Neoma for recommending the Red Clover Tea, which I have taken religiously for the past several months. She claimed that it eliminated a tumor in the past. I was leary at first but what did I have to lose.  And I have no idea if it was the tea at all but something is working on the positive side of the ledger for me. But I will tell all out there who dare test the fates of the gods.  This stuff is not kind to the palate.  In fact, I might liken it to some wet cardboard that houses the oats of equines. I never did partake myself but if I have to describe it, that’s my choice. I celebrated by playing golf and then visiting family and friends and then playing some more golf.  I did take a day to downsize my storage shed of the nefarious items from the stix and brix house. I still can’t believe the things we keep.  After the wedding there’s going to have to be a trip back here to discard these items of questionable importance.  However,  the move proved a savings of sixty dollars a month.  And to celebrate that I played a bit of golf. Actually, while I’m here, back in the old neighborhood to have my brain checked out, I’m house sitting for our good friends Jay and Chris. I’m at a loss here with all the space to walk around. I almost don’t know what to do with myself. These people have way too much stuff, just like I used to.

One Response to Medical Tests Can Lie

  1. Debbie

    Larry, Just the look in your smiling eyes, and the bear hug, was enough to assure me you had the results you were, that we have all been praying for……. it’s amazing the things that you used to think were important in your life……..and the things that you now know that are…….quite a difference my friend. Like you said, we all have “way too much stuff ” like you used to have……..had to chuckle a little on that one……..if I don’t see you before the wedding, travel safely Gypsy Larry, and I’ll see you at the Wedding!

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