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Wibaux, Montana

Posted by on July 7, 2009

I can now say we’ve officially been to Montana. Being only twenty five miles from its border, neighbors Gary garyneomaand Neoma  invited us to dinner later in the evening. This was our first day off  in fourteen and it was quite productive. The morning ritual of  coffee and Robin Meade giving me the Headline News was  shortened by a three mile walk with Brutus to get the blood to the  legs. Funny how “motion creates emotion”, isn’t it? This was  only the precept to biking into town to purchase five pounds of  Black Hills taffy for Ryan. Cruising through town snapping  photos, onto the post office to mail the sweets on to New Jersey.  Back to the rig to assist Robin with the weekly laundry. But she  also decided that ‘we’ would clean up the motorhome. She has  quite the unusual penchant for wanting to clean on our off days. That’s not my idea of time well spent but I’ve lived with her long enough to just smile and join in the process. By now it’s time to shower and get ready to leave for dinner. Gary and Neoma took us ten miles into Montana to the village of Wibaux where we dined at the Shamrock Inn. The food was excellent as it always is in greasy spoons such as these. We had some great ribeyes done to perfection but while waiting I noticed the lad next to us having their loaded burger and need to get a shot of this for you. You have to check out this burger. burger      The town is named after Pierre Wibeax, a French pioneer who ingratiated his truly with the villagers by erecting a statue of himself in his own honor. Now there’s an ego for you. Whatdaya think there, pa? Cruising around town brought back memories of the back hills of West Virginia. Welding sculptures took on the form of lawn art at many of the town dwellings and I took note that sometimes there is not much difference between East and West, just the scale of things.          lawn-art                                                       It was quite the experience, never having thought my first visions of Montana would be like this. Perhaps Ted Turner hadn’t much exposure to this end of the state prior to buying up as much ranchland as he could. But Wibaux is a great place for a haircut.wibeax

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  1. Debbie

    Looks like a fine diner you found, you should contact “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dive’s and you could be a Front Man for them…..scout out their next feature! Does look like our part of the countryside! Enjoy………

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