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What Irony

Posted by on July 27, 2009

Today I was able to share some conversation at the course with some gentlemen from back East.  They were commercial fishermen that fished the intercoastal waterway from the Gulf in Florida all the way north to New Jersey.  In fact, the gist of their complaints were the fact that the Corp of Engineers would not dredge the Delaware and Raritan Canal deep enough for commercial fishing. This is a hotbed for the industry but the Corps complains that the lower section can’t be dredged dut to lack of government funds.  And then the irony hit me. There would be money for maintenance if Bush hadn’t tried to undo ten thousand year of Middle East history with his Babylonian War that provided cover for his taxpayer rape.  These fishermen were Bush supporters but they had no idea or clue what his war cost them personally.  Or will cost all of us.  At $40 million dollars a day, (the actual cost of the war) the Corps could have done that with the savings from about two hours worth of war one morning. The commercial fishermen yelped about insufficient maintenance of the canal, all the while they had a “Support The Commander” sticker on the back of their pickup.  What irony!  iraq-war-games

One Response to What Irony

  1. Debbie

    Kind of like the 2 signs I saw side by side the other day, at two separate residence’s one says “Boot Bush Out”, and the other said “NoBama” typical Greene County…….elections past, present, and still no definite future……..

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