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No Tango Tonight

Posted by on July 25, 2009



The past few days have been significantly without incident. My time on the course has been a bit mundane but it has allowed me much practice time. My scores are getting lower and I know not only where the ball is going but how far dependent upon the club. I’m getting this down to a ‘tee’. No pun intended. The past few days I’ve been rangering and that makes for a long day.  Today, for the most part, I made it my duty to keep track of the sun, making sure it was moving east to west in the southern sky. It obliged well and seem to do a fine job.  I was pleased. It was a good start to the past few days of tension. As exhiliarating and exciting it may seem to be my roommate, things can get tense in this or any  RV.  Yes, this is a magnificent piece of machinery, comparable to a suburban dwelling for an upstart couple. But it still is a mere four hundred square feet of living space.  Despite living on the edge, always pushing the envelope,  I would imagine my company for some odd reason could come under scrutiny.  Even disdainful at times.  Not really, but I’m giving the benefit of the doubt here, folks.

tangoAnd so it must be as Robin has been wearing her cranky pants for a few days. It seems as if no violin plays yet the love song in her heart. The passion of the tango(ed) life we’ve had has seemed to subside. I’m not observing the dance in her eyes this week.  I’m quite sure it’s not me.  It’s just that I’m a valiant  person and I will take blame even where it doesn’t lie.  So after work I golfed, alone until dark.  It’s amazing the wildlife one can see when the daylight gives way to the dusk in the buttes.  Robin, on the other hand had a girls’ night out.  She and Donna and Neoma went up to the amphitheater to take in again the Medora Musical for the evening. Well this proved to be just the right elixir.  Although she has a glorious time with the girls, I could tell she missed me dearly.  So much to the point that when she returned she couldn’t even talk to me. The cat had her tongue?  Speechless?  I’m thinking she was so taken by my prescense that she couldn’t bring herself to talk.  Since it was late I decided to get to bed. She must have sensed my need for peace as she continued in her silent mode with me.  Thank goodness she missed me and understands me like she does.

3 Responses to No Tango Tonight

  1. Debbie

    I’m not sure what to say, if anything……….was there a Tango Tonight?

  2. Michael Lockridge

    Is there an emoticon for “my tongue is in my cheek?”

    Does this blog entry require such? It must be that, or I have grossly misinterpreted many such moments over the past many years.

    I never did learn to tango. It has always been more of a corporate stumbling. After thirty-something years I am still stumbling, and occasionally learning.

    Keep your head down.


  3. larry

    I don’t believe there is an emoticon. Is there one for menopause but if I dare suggest, then, pray tell, I shall be banished to the bowels of hell, my good man.

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