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Finally a Bathtub

Posted by on July 22, 2009

robinRobin’s knee hasn’t been getting any better in the past month.  Today was a scheduled appointment with an orthopedic surgeon in Bismarck. Being a four hour round trip we decided to go last night and stay in a motel. After all, the woman hasn’t been in a bath tub since February so why not let some Calgon take her away.  We found a pet friendly place for Brutus and took orders from friends who needed anything while we were in the big city.  After a check-up and some x-rays, the doctor gave us two options. He could drain the fluid and inject some steroids and numbing juice and this would hold her over for a month or so. But if the discomfort came back then and MRI was in order to view what he originally expected, that being a torn miniscus-or as us commoners refer to as a torn cartilage.  However, being that she did this at work, the comp people would have to OK the MRI which we thought could be done today.  So back home another two hours to await word from them on Friday if and when we can make the trip again next week for the MRI.  The surgeon’s guess is that she will probably undergo the knife sometime in early August.  This may work out fine as we have a time deadline, needing to have her up and dancing by the middle of October for Ryan and Carolyn’s wedding.  So at this juncture, all we can do is wait for the powers that be to tell us it’s OK to get her knee fixed. Oh, the health care system, how daunting. 

But a good aspect of the trip was the two day there gave us time to visit a handful of bridal shops and Robin was able to procure a dress for the wedding. Naturally, I found a great gown to match her blue eyes and she’ll look stunning in it with a matching shawl. Now all I ‘ll have to do is pick her up some slinky black sandals that accent the arch and we’ll be in business. And finally to kill some time I test drove a Can-Am Spyder today. Those are the motorcycles that I call a reverse trike. One wheel in the rear and two up front. Almost impossible to lay them down but still not much of a rush like you get leaning on a regular ride. But it was fun.

6 Responses to Finally a Bathtub

  1. Michael Lockridge

    Will this be open or orthoscopic surgery? Hope your health care options are viable and move smoothly.

    I have been thinking about those Spyders. I broke my foot a few months back just walking. Getting back into riding would be fun but if I can’t even walk safely it might be a good idea to have three wheels. : )


  2. Debbie

    Larry, haven’t seen that smile in awhile…….what a good soak will do for the soul, huh? I’m sure she looks elegant in the dress you picked out for her…….and with that shoe fetish of yours’ she will be dancing with wings on her feet……….glad you had a good mini vacation……… to you both………your Seester inlaw.

  3. larry

    I’m almost certain that any surgery will be orthroscopic in nature. We just haven’t had the go ahead yet for the MRI, but we’re hoping Obama will fix that over the weekend with his health plan. Will keep you posted.
    As far as the bike, I hate to say that my age is giving way to weaker hips and I’m finding the Gold Wing at times difficult to keep upright. Perhaps I’ll need to trike it out or sell it.
    Thanks for the comments.

  4. cherie

    since it is over and done and well on the road to dancing, aren”t you happy she had a bath!
    But I am so happy all went well with the surgery 🙂
    Have a great weekend.
    Love to both, Cherie + Kelley

  5. Raymond Cossette

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