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Afternoon Delight

Posted by on July 9, 2009

flower1 A day off began with a morning walk into town to retrieve the mail,  along with a stop at the local stitchery to see if  they’re capable of  embroidering my riding jacket. I always enjoy walking the streets of  Medora as everyone stops to chat, honestly concerned about “how  you’re doing”, and just giving you a feeling of being a part of  something bigger. By the time we returned , that three mile jaunt had  begun to take its toll on Robin’s knee. I talked her into resting it  while I readied the bike for a long anticipated ride through the park  (Theodore Roosevelt NP). It was decided a picnic would be in order.  I packed some ice, two wine glasses, a corkscrew, and the cameras.  Not much else needed for a good picnic other than the spirits and I’d  get that at the local convenience store prior to entering the park. By  the time we got to mile ten the fermented grapes were doing a great  job of adjusting our attitudes. We stopped to view some buffalo that  had blocked the road, and took a few shots of the local wildflowers. Once we got to Buck Hill, the highest point in the park, Robin took some shots of yours truly feeling better than ever. In fact, things got a bit randy and Robin decided we should christen a rock so we’d have another story to talk about in our later years. So making sure no one saw, we allowed ourselves to indulge. OK. We broke the law or some mores or ethics of society. Perhaps so. But it was the best afternoon we’d had in some time. A few hours later we left the park as we had to attend a safety meeting at the golf course. While we sat their with smirks and grins that only we could understand, our thoughts would travel to the top of that rock. We’d look at each other, just smile, and know what thoughts were transcended in time.

4 Responses to Afternoon Delight

  1. Debbie

    Some things never change……….just don’t come as often…….

  2. Donna

    Morning,afternoon or evening “delights” are always remembered!!!

  3. Brook Little

    Hello there, Will you be posting a another page? The husband and me have used up some time checking over your web pages and interestingly you highlighted something i was discussing just the other month with our son’s football coach. We quite often hear ourselves quarrelling with the littlest of details, isn’t it silly?

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