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Put the Travail in Travel

Posted by on July 18, 2009



the-roadAhh, sweet nectar of the golden orb, sunshine that is.  How her rays so affect my mental attitude. the-road-2 They have blanketed my shoulders for thirteen days of the past fortnight. And the feeling transcends to the thought process-where ideas of moving once again creep in . My restless gypsy heart yeaerns to be on the move again. Yes, I love the job I have.  And our stay here is quite pleasant enough.  But travel stirs my emotions once again.  By his tracks a man is justified.  Laying down tracks puts the travail-the meaning- into travel.  Speaking of travel coupled with the coincidences of yesterday’s missive, I met a couple today on the course from Bandera, Texas.  Bandera is the town in which we’ve been offered a winter position as activities directors for the resort.  I’ve been vacillating between the job and opting for brain surgery.  Too many things have been going in my favor.  I’m convinced now to take the job, I’ll have beaten the tumor by then.

2 Responses to Put the Travail in Travel

  1. Debbie

    Decisions, decisions, but, we really were hoping you’d be home for Christmas…………our fix for the year……..but, we will be seeing you in October, will just have to be soaking you all up then!

  2. Margy Gergel

    thanks for this article

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