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The Badlands…..well named

Posted by on June 8, 2009

My cell phone is buzzing in my ears but my eyes are shut tight. In fact, it’s almost as if the natural fluids have them adhered on the insides. But the phone keeps ringing and my natural instinct is to answer in fear that a child needs my attention.  I blearily jump up from my slumber and stumble my way over to the counter.  By now, I can only peer through one eye.  I notice on the face of the phone the call is from the Bully Pulpit.  I answer hello and the music begins. It’s a weak rendition of “Winter Wonderland“.  And then I hear Nick ask me if I’ve looked outside.  And I do and I’m just mesmerized. After all, it’s going on the second week of June.  Snow is pelting the flowers and woodpile.  The rental car that Ryan and Carolyn percured is a white mound of metal.  I can’t see the other end of the campground.  There will be no golf today.  In fact, after stepping outside the motorhome to allow Brutus his morning relief, I decide that there will be much of nothing today.  The chill has fully awakened me and both eyes are open by now. I awake Robin and the kids, warning them of the dreary forecast.  I call relatives back home as I do every Saturday and they tell me they’re getting ready to go to the pool and lay out.  They relay that it’s sunny and in the low 80’s.  Now I miss Pittsburgh.


2 Responses to The Badlands…..well named

  1. Debbie

    For once I’m glad to say, the pics I just took of my peony’s are better than your photos of snow, lol………and PA is lookin pretty good to me right now……..even the pre thunderstorm mugginess.

  2. larry

    I’ll bet it is. You just can’t believe how the weather will change here. Not necessarily from day to day but from hour to hour. It’s amazing. Love ya.

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