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Love Hurts

Posted by on June 8, 2009

To our chagrin, much of the weekend was spent hunkered down in the motorhome as winter came again and again.  Too cold to play any golf, too rainy for the musical to be performed, and just miserable weather.  But despair we did not, for it gave us a chance to just spend some great hours talking about wedding plans, laughing, relaying stories and celebrating Carolyn’s birthday this morning.  However, the down side was, as usual, we ate way to much.  We spent many and hour at the Elkhorn Cafe, devouring my homemade soup and sampling ice cream from all over the town. So flying into Minneapolis and then driving another nine hours to Medora, the kids highlight of tourism was the Shriners parade through downtown Medora over the weekend. It lasted a good thirteen minutes but the festive ambiance set our hopes high for future endeavors. All joking aside, it was great to see them both, as we won’t be together again until the wedding in October.  Just prior to their leaving, Bill and Deanna Hildegard stopped by in their motorhome.   A few weeks ago they were staying at the Medora Campground and noticed the decal on the rear of my RV. They started to email after reading the blog and we have exchanged missives for some weeks.  While on the way to taking some grandchildren back, they stopped by to meet us and say hello. It was a pleasant surprise and almost made me feel like a celebrity.  I waved as this motorhome drove by and Bill stopped and opened the window saying, “are you gypsylarry?”  It was great to have someone go out of their way like that.  We chatted for a bit, exchanged pleasantries and talked about visiting them sometime soon in Montana.  And then it was also time for the kids to head back to Minneapolis to catch their plane back to Philadelphia.  I promised myself that I would get melancholic, nor sad upon their departure.  But as they both shut the car doors, I could feel the tear welling in my eyes.  Love is so bittersweet, and it hurts.  But its so good to do it, isn’t it?

2 Responses to Love Hurts

  1. Debbie

    I’ve known the feeling of love so good it hurts……..and there is nothing like it………

  2. Carolyn

    Miss you both already!!

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