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Kids have Arrived

Posted by on June 7, 2009


ryandcarolyn Ryan and Carolyn arrived around midnight on the other day and after hugs and kisses and chit chat about their trip we all headed for some much needed rest.  The morning sun was absent so after a long and lazy breakfast we headed into Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  The weather wasn’t our friend as the wildlife must have been bedded down.  We had hoped for some wild horses, big horn rams, but the only thing their eyes were privy to was a lone buffalo.  We took in the Elkhorn Cafe for a late lunch in order for Ryan and Carolyn to get a glimpse of where our second jobs are and what we do there.  We discussed upcoming wedding plans and reminisced over past memories. Ryan and I looked at each other and knew it was now time to get out on the course and take in some golf. Robin and Carolyn were more than anxious to join us. But the weather again proved not to be our friend.  Ryan and I made the mistake of playing in shorts and by the time we got to the tee on #6 our legs were blue. We called a halt to the round and headed back to the motorhome for some heat. cold-weather  And the thermometer continued to drop. So much to the point that any notion of going up on the hill to the amphitheatre and taking in the Medora Musical met with unanimous dismay. Perhaps the morning will bring better news and views.

2 Responses to Kids have Arrived

  1. Debbie

    Even though the weather was not your friend, I’m sure you could many other things to do to enjoy your kids and the visit. I know how much you and Robin were anticipating this visit. Maybe there will be sun today…….pass along my love and hugs…..

  2. Delinda Tumlinson

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