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Busy Days

Posted by on June 13, 2009


My absence has been , in large part, due to days brimming with activity. Our mornings have been starting at 6:00a.m. as early tee times fill the daybreak hours. After work, Robin and I immediately hit the links as I have been mastering my woods and long irons and I want to enjoy that success before it fades. (It must be my new glove.) I will try something different eventually, or forget what’s now working, and ‘swing’ futility will once again demote me to the senior tees. Bittersweet golf, so frustrating, yet so satisfying.
Evening trips to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park are now commonplace as I find more wildlife as dusk gives way to the orange throw placed upon the landscape by an emblazoned sun. I’ll post all those photos soon as this schedule has not allowed for much downloading time. You see, here it goes again. Just as I had more to write I’m noticing several neighbors gathering outside on our deck. It’s time to join them for some imbibing and chit chat. I’ll be back tomorrow.

2 Responses to Busy Days

  1. Debbie

    If your’e not blogging, I’m assuming you’re enjoying yourself, and that makes me happy…………retirement………being happy and enjoying and loving your life…..hug my seester and dance!

  2. Donna

    Gypsy larry is certainly an appropos name for you!! While we miss you here on lower Rifgon you are having the time of your life! We should all be so lucky!!

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