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Birth on the course

Posted by on June 14, 2009


Today we hosted a tournament for the Badlands Ministry.  Tournaments are easy work as most of the day I just ride my cart and ‘ranger’, or patrol the course making sure traffic flows smoothly from tee to green.  It can be boring at times but it does afford me the chance to “see” things differently traveling the eighteen holes.  A fawn was born today on the course. And I was fortunate enough to have my camera in the right place at the right time.  Hobbled by new legs and nubile enough not to be intimidated by humans, I was able to get close.  She could have fit in my hands.  Soon mother came along, bit her in the ass, and made her scurry away from me.  doeand-fawn

2 Responses to Birth on the course

  1. Debbie

    Another winning picture for your collection……..adorable shot…..worthy of a Disney fable.

  2. Donna

    While you’re watching a birth I am contributing to an injury!! A deer ran right into my car right infront of Sheets on 19-He appeared to be fine but my car is injured!! As far as borrowing from neighbors-we thank you and Neil wants to know if he can borrow Robin!! Neils’s live-in nurse now limps and has a bad hand!!

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