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A Firebell in the Night

Posted by on June 30, 2009


I was nodding off in the recliner and it wasn’t even eleven. I never go to bed prior to that time but sleep was drawing nigh for some reason last night.  My eyes were ladened heavy with fantasies and I stumbled into the bedroom and don’t even remember my head resting on the pillow.  It seemed only moments later that I arose to an ominous sound outside. Trying to get my bearings, I knew someone had broken into the Jeep as the security alarm was sounding. The clock said 2:40. You know what it’s like to be startled in the middle of a sleep. And then not remembering where you are.  On top of that, trouble is brewing outside.  I shook Robin’s leg.  “Someone is trying to break into the Jeep,”  I said,  “I have to find clothes and go out there.” By this time the needles were piercing my eyes but I was awake. She said, “lay down and go back to sleep, it’s only the train whistle.” atthe-elkhorn  It was then that I realized my world of actuality and the errors playing havoc in my REM sleep. I’m working too much. We’re in the middle of a thirteen day stint. Why am I doing this?  There is one thing to workamp.  And there is the commitment I made at the Elkhorn Cafe to help out and give them a break. But I’m realizing I’m retired and working more than I did a year ago.  Something will have to give as I’m prostituting my belief that time is more important than money. At the end of this stint, time will be taken for photographing, wandering, and just relaxing. Hopefully I’ll remember the train whistle sounds nightly, and this campground is too safe for vehicle tampering.

One Response to A Firebell in the Night

  1. Debbie

    Have you ever looked up Googled retirement? I haven’t, but, I’m sure it isn’t described as working a 13 day stint…….I’m thinking it’s finding a cushy, warm place, maybe close to the water, without rattlesnakes and buffalo in my backyard……….sleeping late, cocktail hour, and leisurely walks with Robin and Brutus…..

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