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A Father's Surprise

Posted by on June 24, 2009

I received possibly the best Father’s Day gift I could have ever imagined.  Ryan called a few days ago and said he had sent a package via FedEx to me for the big day.  The only problem was they couldn’t deliver it to Medora as they didn’t take large packages to this small village like that.  I would have to make the two hour drive to Bismarck to retrieve it.  Not giving it a second thought I just imagined the kids sent me something really neat and I was beside myself wondering what it was.  I had Robin call the FedEx stores to make sure I knew where I was going and told her we would leave right after I had finished work. I wanted to make sure I was there before they closed.  Robin was frustrating me with her dilly-dallying and suggested we go to Walmart and Sam’s Club first. my-ladies I insisted that I needed to retrieve my package prior to closing and I had to get this on Friday night because Ryan said they were closed on Saturday and the kids wanted photos of me opening it on Sunday morning.  Once we got to Bismarck, Robin had to fess up.  She told me that her gift to me was that I would be off work on Saturday as she called my boss and requested it. That felt good. And then she told me that I had to go to the airport as my surprise from the kids wasn’t a package from FedEx. The package was a 5’7″ blonde named Erin. Yes, my daughter was making the trip up here for a long weekend just to see her daddy. I knew she didn’t have the money to fly and took a day off work to spend time with me.  Just the thought of this made me well up and out came the tears.  We had a raucous good time and her presence had to be the best gift a father could have experienced.  The entire family fooled me on this one.  And apparently all the neighbors knew of the package and kept it quiet and secretive. Robin pulled this one off real well. Thanks everyone.

2 Responses to A Father's Surprise

  1. Debbie

    Quite a few of us were keeping that secret from you, and it was really hard for Rob, it was killing her……..looks like she had some tears in her eyes as well. Glad you had a good visit, and a Happy Fathers Day! Love to you both.

  2. Ashley

    hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

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