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"Your Move"

Posted by on May 4, 2009


Life is a cosmic board game played against and invisible, invincible opponent who spends most of his time saying, “Your move, ” then forcing your hand before you’re ready.  The game isn’t to see whether you win or lose-loss is preordained-rather it is to see the pattern of the traces you leave behind and where they lead others.  Yesterday morning I wanted to take a little bicycle ride to work out a bit of the soreness.  Brutus wanted to go along.  Well you can see what a pampered little twit he is.  But that’s not the gist of this blog.  When we returned to the campground we noticed something

brutus upon approaching our rig and then , next to our picnic table was this behemoth.

buffalo-picnic2 As I said above, the invincible opponent in life’s board game is saying again, “your move.”  Not wanting to get too close we decided to hop into the Jeep and head out of Dodge.  It was a gorgeous day so we headed for the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. As if we didn’t see enough buffalo but we couldn’t pass up the glorious day and hoped that by the time we returned our site would be sans animals and just an empty picnic table.  We guess right and returned to a great couple of ribeye’s on the grill with some corn on the cob and homemade cole slaw.  Spent the rest of the night wondering if our visitor may return.  Take a bit of time and enjoy the slideshow of the park.

One Response to "Your Move"

  1. Debbie

    Wow, now this is Jeep country………and looking at Brutus all comfy in his basket, makes you wonder what he’s thinking of this great beast that’s invaded his picnic area? Will we be hearing from him anytime soon?

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