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What a Life

Posted by on May 21, 2009


Today we hosted a tournament  on the course.  Whenever this happens my day actually gets easier if you can believe this. Instead of sending a group of golfers out on #1 and then determining when the next group can go and so forth,  teams start the tournament at each hole on the course.  Therefore, there is no need for a starter.  My job is to shuttle patrons on my cart down to the driving range until the event begins.  A large majority of my job is to make each person feel welcome and glad to be there.  Being gregarious and the quintessential host is all part of the job and it comes pretty easy to me.  I have mastered the art of schmoozing and bullshitting and have honed these skills over the years.  Once the tournament starts I ride my cart around all day making sure that play goes smoothly, cavorting more with the players, and just making everyone feel comfortable.  Robin, however, has a heyday on tournament days.  She gets to meet every golfer as the sign into her pro shop, selling them balls, tees, apparel, and other golfing paraphenalia.  What’s more she receives tips often when serving a snack or a beverage.  No wonder she’s always smiling.  So friends out there wondering how we’re doing. I don’t know if it gets any better than this.

3 Responses to What a Life

  1. Debbie

    That’s my beautiful sister you see here, with a smile that will light up a room………I’m sure she’s an asset to the Pro Shop and the two of you will end up owning the place before you’re finished! Gotta love those blue eyes and that smile………..

  2. Donna

    Robin never got any tips in her previous career so go girl

  3. larry

    Thank you both so much for the kind words. This is Robin and my first comment. I usually don’t respond to comments as I live with the gypsy and that’s enough for me but I couldn’t not respond to these comments. Again, thanks.

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