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Stopped into a church……

Posted by on May 11, 2009

church1 I found along the way.  Well, I got down on my knees, and I began to pray.  Ahh,  words from the Mamas and Papas seared through my brain as a bicycle ride  brought  me to a little out of the way chapel which was quite unexpected. I parked  my bike and  walked tentatively to the doors.  I grabbed the handle and tried the  latch.  It was  unlocked. Slowly I opened the door while the hinges creaked with age  and hunching  over as if  I feared something unknown I peered inside.  Empty and  devoid of any  noise I slowly  walked in and hastily took a seat in one of the pews.  I  sat for a while  and  just thought about this milieu. I closed my eyes and took in the  damp  and  hollow scents of history. Here on a side street in Medora, ND was a  Catholic church  started  some hundred and ten years ago by Medora, the wife of the  Marquis de  Mores, a  Frenchman who began this little hamlet.  church21May Teddy  Roosevelt have  sometime joined  his friend here for services years ago?  Perhaps.  Just about then I  had the urge to submerge myself into my  external  conditions..  I  knelt on the padded  kneeler and talked silently to myself. I’m not a religious man ,  not having been in a  church for sometime.  But I found that I prayed for all that I  have in my life and giving  thanks for just living my life the way I do.  And I remembered my mom as I exited this  house and looked to the heavens.

2 Responses to Stopped into a church……

  1. Debbie

    Larry, I often feel the need to be in church, and I always remember what my Dad told me while I was spending a night with him in the hospital…… don’t have to go to Church to show anyone you believe in God, he hears you when you’re ready………I truely belive that…… that’s where I speak with him, everywhere……when I’m ready……

  2. larry

    Your dad was a cool guy. I learned much from him in a short time just by watching. I liked that.

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