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Step Back in Time

Posted by on May 3, 2009



Saturday.  Looked well forward to this day as we needed a rest.  The full time crew reported to the course for more mudding, but Dave, the course superintendent said he didn’t expect us to return today because he didn’t want to burn us out.  So this morning I finished up some laundry as a good deal of our clothes are mud soaked while Robin cleaned the rig.  You know how she is with cleaning.  Loves to run that sweeper and I just can’t tolerate the sound of another whirring pump.  I decided to undo the regulator on the in-house propane tank.  My idea is to install a portable second tank that’s easily removable.  This will enable us not to move the entire RV when we’re running low on propane. I’ll just unhook the portable,  and cart it off to refueling in the Jeep. In the meantime we’ll use the main tank and it’s use will be minimal. Then there will be no need to move the RV until we’re ready to depart for good.  So I unhooked the regulator from the main tank so I could take it to town and not have to worry about the wrong measurements.  It’s off to Dickinson and Walmart for weekly supplies.  I almost feel like a pioneer stating that we need to make the trek for ‘supplies’.  Like Ma’ and Pa’ Ingalls on the Prairie.  Walmart is a 40 mile trip one way so you get everything you need for the week.  I was able to find a large tank at Running’s Farm and Fleet for a mere eighty dollars. While I was checking out propane tanks, Robin had stocked her cart with new rubber gloves and a lovely green rainsuit.  I laughed as she has really bought into this hosing effort on the golf course.  
We had planned on meeting neighbors Naoma, Gary, and Donna for lunch at the Pizza Hut in Dickinson as we all had a hankering for the stuff.  However, when we arrived the Hut had turned into a video store.  Can you believe that a Pizza Hut in these United States of America would close down in exchange for a video house?  Or even closing down at all?   What was even more mind boggling was the fact that the new store stocked……now hold your hats, fans…….Videotapes.  I knew they still existed but I hadn’t seen evidence of them much in the last year.  Every so often they’ll rear their ugly heads as I wonder what would you play those in?  So it was off to Happy Joes’s for pizza and some great camaraderie topped by the anxiety ridden grocery stop at Walmart.  All this called for a stop at the local spirits store to remove some recent memories.  Back home by five, a good long walk with Brutus and then returning emails and comments on this blog.  Watch some tv and imbibe with my roomate proving to be a restful evening.

3 Responses to Step Back in Time

  1. Debbie

    Larry, you should sent this photo to the GreeneSaver, and see if anyone but me would win the $100 cash prize, ha, ha…..I don’t think you’ll find video tape rentals, even in Greene County!

  2. larry

    Deb, I don’t know what the GreeneSaver is but if you think I should send it, email me the details.

  3. Debbie

    Larry, the Greene Saver is a local free newspaper printed monthly that has a Greene County scene, and if you guess where it is, you win the cash prize……..your other sis inlaw has cashed in on it. But, it has to be in “Greene County”………none comparable to your photo’s………

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