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Robin Makes the Local News

Posted by on May 5, 2009


We’re still mudding on the golf course. But today, I learned to operate all the water valves and to go into the ground to change them. You know, they’re the ones that come up out of the earth to sprinkle water everywhere. I’m thinking this is not a good thing. Everyday, they teach me more and more about how to maintain and operate the course. I was hired on as a starter. The one who gets everyone off on the first tee, sees that play continues smoothly and that all the course regulations are followed. A real easy job. By learning all these other facets there exists the fear that if something else were to be done, then it may possibly be me who is chosen for the job, as I know have a modicum of knowledge. Today we learned that Robin will be leaving the course-the ground work on Thursday. She’ll be heading for her cushy job in the pro shop, selling clothing, tee times and all the other paraphenalia that golfers just have to have. I wonder if she’ll miss the cumbersome hoses draped over her shoulders and the constant feel of “wet” somewhere on your body at all times. I think not. Since you won’t be seeing much of her anymore in her rainsuits and boots, I’ll leave you with a photographic tribute to her hooking up water pumps, filling gas tanks, and hosing down fairways. She became a bit of a celebrity the other day when Channel 7, KFYR TV out of Bismark came to film the flood damage. While talking to the course superintendent you may be able to see Robin in the background doing her thing. Here’s the link to find that video footage.

2 Responses to Robin Makes the Local News

  1. Debbie

    Tell my Seester she’s just passed the “hose” test, and would be a great Fireperson………and I’m sure she’s soooo sorry to be leaving her hoses behind and being promoted to the pro shop!
    Finally, she can relax her bones and be “retired” for awhile! Saw her on the news………but, didn’t get there by your link, had to physically do a Web search, but, may just be my Vista, tell her she’s a celebrity!

  2. lisa

    wow pretty coool!! had to go all the way to north dakota to get on the news. i’m thinking the pro shop sounds pretty good by now. love you guys

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