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From Mud to Duds

Posted by on May 16, 2009


The Bully Pulpit Clubhouse

Finally.  After a month of manning a fire hose or a broom sized squeegie I’ve traded one end of the spectrum for another.  I have altered my attire from waterproof coveralls, rubber gloves and galoshes for slacks, a polo shirt, and golf jacket.  Graduation has come.  The mud-ladened maintenance building and silted fairways have been replaced by a clubhouse, a personal golf cart and walkie-talkie.  My position as starter and player assistant began yesterday.  And after one month, today was the first day that I have toured the course, and have seen every hole.  My world was relegated to three fairways and greens mired in the muddy waters of the Little Missouri.  It’s a welcome alteration to adorn myself with clean clothes in the morning and interacting with people as opposed to pumps and skid loaders. I will delve more into my new digs in future posts but the Bully Pulpit Golf Course had to be one of the most magnificent these eyes have engulfed. My day begins at different hours dependent upon the first foursome out.  That can range anytime between 7a.m. and 10a.m.  After checking the roster of tee times, I grab my radio, man my golf cart and head to the box tees on hole #1.  Every ten minutes I greet a new group of golfers, relaying the rules, answering any questions and making them feel as much a celebrity as possible.  It’s Madison Avenue schmooz at its best and so far, it’s coming quite naturally for me.

4 Responses to From Mud to Duds

  1. Donna

    Guess you know yourself pretty well!! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures in the heartland

  2. Christine and Donald Lyonnais


    We absolutely love your blog, but your photos are spectacular especially the wildlife pictures. You have a knack for capturing them at the perfect moment. I especially love the photos of the horses and buffalo. We look forward to following you around this beautiful country of ours.

  3. Debbie

    Glad to see you’re not mudding any longer, as I’m sure you are jumping for joy! How is Robin doing in the Pro Shop? I’m sure she’s a big hit with all the customers with her smiling blue eyes and winning personality. Hope your winter season has come to an end, I think you’ve had quite enough…….

  4. John

    hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

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