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Day Off

Posted by on May 19, 2009


Arising later than usual on this final of two free days.  Train whistle through the night made for intermittent sleep. As the sun peeked thru the shades and into my lids, I forgot that I must have altered the location of a disc yesterday during golfing. It really caught me off guard when my feet hit the floor. Oh my, still a bit serpentine.  Waddle out for coffee and I knew if I didn’t get down and maneuver on the workout ball, I wasn’t going to maneuver anywhere today.  So that being done, I decided that we should walk the two mile round trip to the post office. Get that blood a flowin’ boy!  Back to the RV, I wrestled with the extra propane tank as it needed to be hauled to the office for a filling. Learned that the camp office manager is a young man that spent three years working out of West Newton, PA, about a half hour south of Pittsburgh.  Imagine finding him up here in North Dakota.  Oh, by the way did I tell you the people here are not referred to as North Dakotians, but Nodaks.  Yep, that’s it.  So now it’s time for a solo bicycle ride with a desire for more spinal manipulation.  While I was gone Robin went cheese on the place.  The patio rug was layed, the lit palm tree was ablaze in strip lights, and dangling from a branch were her two favorite parrots.  Lawn recliners bookended two plastic end tables and Carole King was groovin’ to the Tapestry on the sound system.  I felt guilty joy riding while she toiled about Margauritaville .  So it would be decided by gypsy decree that we would finish the day utilizing the chairs to adjust our attitudes and meld into the music. It wasn’t hard twisting Robin’s arm as her need to play ‘curb appeal’ had ended. Shortly thereafter,  our altered state led to belly laughter that we haven’t had on a few months.  It was good. It reminds one of friends missed and times gone by when now memories provide the laughter. See my blog last week regarding memories.  I told you it was one of the only vestiges that we possess that make us who we are. A chat with neighbors was followed by chicken breasts grilled on the ‘barbie’ coupled with garlic rice.  You don’t need to see a photos of this as some blogs do.  Surely you’ve seen grilled chicken and rice thousands of times.  Believe me, it’s not that motivational. I’ll spare you the eye candy this time.  Watching the sun go down now, listening to the wind chimes alert us to a weather change, life is good.  A really good day.

3 Responses to Day Off

  1. Max

    Lived in ND for 23 years & go back 3 times a year since I have family that have lived there for nearly 90 years. I have never heard the ND residents referred to as Nodaks. That must be an expression used by non residents or the few transplants. Are South Dakota residents called Sodaks?

  2. larry

    It may be just that Max. I’ve never heard the term prior to coming here last month and only going on what is told to me. However, I must admit, these stories are all told to me by workampers from Montana, So there just may be a bit of envy there.

  3. Debbie

    There’s always one Wikipedia………I just go with the flow, look and read and enjoy……’re my travelogue on the Web, and I’m just happy to be with you. Almost as good as being there! Love to you from Debbies Room

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