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Route 66 Revisited

Posted by on April 14, 2009

drive-inroute66Carthage, Missouri hails itself as the place of the first battle of the Civil War.  I was misled by former historians in thinking that  it was Fort Sumter.  But small towns all over  America often lay claim to some historical phenomenon, albeit totally misleading, it lends to the drama and interest of such a place.  What is true about Carthage is this.  The original Route 66 passes through it,  and this is gospel.  Not from some historian but from the thought process of GL.  We  spent two days in Carthage, mostly to rest and stay in as it was getting a bit frosty here. The Coach Light RV Park was a pleasant surprise and I’ll rate that one tomorrow for you roving readers.  Ultimately, we engaged in my favorite of hobbies—–cruising.  Once we discovered Route 66 , we realized that an original drive-in was still standing near the edge of town.


One piece of eye candy was the courthouse as Carthage is the seat in this county. Nothing different about it other than the fact that I really liked the clean look it had along with the architecture.



On the way out of town we drove through the Vietnamese Catholic seminary and were taken in with a few of the statues.  That was about it for Carthage. We leave for Wichita next.

2 Responses to Route 66 Revisited

  1. Debbie

    Looks like spring there, and inviting………looking forward to more eye candy! Travel safely and be well.

  2. larry

    Debbie, I do enjoy your daily comments. Thanks so much for reading. Love you.

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